When a Leo Man is Done With You – 10 Surefire Signs It’s Over

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Are you currently dating a Leo man and feel like the relationship may be on rocky ground?

Is he starting to act strange and you want to know if he’s considering breaking up with you?

Keep reading to discover 10 things that happen when a Leo man is done with you.

It’s never easy when a relationship comes to an end, but it’s far easier when you have some advance warning instead of being completely blindsided.

The good news is, Leo men are known for being affectionate, warm, and cheerful so it’s generally fairly easy to tell when a Leo man is done with you and wants to end the relationship.

However, while Leo men are generally easygoing, if you’re a Pisces then Leo’s are one of the worst zodiac signs for you to date, compatibility-wise!

As you read through this list you might find yourself wondering why would your Leo man do these things if he’s done with you?

For example, why would he become overly jealous? If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, then surely he wouldn’t care?

The reason is, Leo men are stubborn and often egotistical by nature.

This stubbornness and egotistical nature can manifest in refusing to end a relationship even when they know they’re done – they don’t want to admit that they “failed” or made the “wrong” choice in a partner.

10 Signs a Leo Man is Done With You

  • He’s Egotistical
  • He’s Intolerant
  • He’s Domineering
  • He’s Too Stubborn
  • He’s Always Lazy
  • He’s Demanding of You
  • He’s Always Losing His Patience
  • He’s Become Arrogant
  • He’s Jealous
  • He’s Overly Competitive

Have you been noticing these signs? If so, there’s a good chance that your Leo man is almost done with the relationship.

But most often, the reason your relationship is crumbling is because of what is called a “Communication Gap“, which is the key to a successful relationship and the key to winning your man’s heart back (if that’s what you want.) 

I learned this from relationship expert Brad Browning – he’s helped thousands of women get their ex back and fix their crumbling relationship. 

He has a free quiz you can take to see if the communication gap is negatively influencing your relationship which I recommend you take. Here’s the link to the quiz.

When a Leo man is done with you - couple arguing in sunset

1. Egotistical

Leo men are generally very confident.

When you first met, they probably pursued with a self-assured attitude – no shyness or beating around the bush from a Leo man.

When a Leo man is happy in a relationship this self-confidence is a positive thing – it means they’re not shy about showing their romantic, vulnerable side.

On the flip side, when a Leo man is done with you, he’ll become extremely egotistical.

You’ll notice that he is boastful and possibly even exaggerates his accomplishments.

He’ll stop asking you about your day and being proud of your achievements – instead he’d rather talk about himself.

2. Intolerant

Leo men are very tolerant and forgiving when they’re happy in a relationship.

When they’re not happy, they become intolerant and unforgiving, even for the slightest transgression.

For example, you take your Leo man to work function and forget to introduce him to your colleagues.

A happy Leo man would be forgiving and understanding, putting this down to you being excited or just simple forgetfulness.

A Leo man who is done with the relationship would be unforgiving about this – he’d see it as an insult.

3. Domineering

When a Leo man is done with you, you’ll start to notice he becomes a lot more domineering in your relationship.

He’s constantly trying to assert his will over you – it’s his way or the highway.

You may find that he starts to humiliate you in front of others or won’t even let you make decisions like which restaurant to eat at for dinner on Friday night.

4. Stubborn

Leo men are stubborn by nature, but when a Leo man is happy in his relationship he’s willing to be a bit more flexible for the sake of your happiness.

However, when a Leo man is done in a relationship he no longer feels the need or desire to make those sacrifices so you’ll start to notice him digging his heels in and become more and more stubborn.

5. Lazy

Have you noticed your Leo man has become lazy in your relationship? This is often something that happens when a Leo man is done with you.

We’re not necessarily talking about physical laziness here – laziness in the relationship is more accurate. Some examples of this include:

  • You’re always the one who texts/calls first
  • He makes little effort in choosing your birthday/Valentine’s/Christmas gifts
  • He doesn’t make time for you

6. Demanding

Leo men are demanding of themselves, but when a Leo man is done with you, you’ll notice that he becomes overly demanding of you.

When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s demanding, you start to lose your sense of self.

You no longer have autonomy, you’re unable to make your own decisions. Do you feel like your Leo man has started to try and dictate what you do/who you see?

If so, this is a sign that he’s done with you and that you should end the relationship.

7. Impatient

Have you noticed that your Leo man no longer has any patience with you?

Does he get annoyed or impatient with you for things that used to be “water off a ducks back?”

Leo men can often be impatient but like the other attributes on this list, when they’re in a happy relationship they’re able to temper their impatience.

But when a Leo man is done with you, his impatience often rises to the surface.

8. Arrogant

Do you notice that your Leo man is overly arrogant?

Does he seem to take for granted that you’re his partner and never consider that it’s your free will to be in the relationship?

This arrogance can be a sign that your Leo man is taking you for granted and that he’s reaching the ending point of the relationship.

9. Jealous

It’s normal for men to feel a little jealous if another man is flirting with their partner – especially for Leo men who often struggle with jealousy.

However, if you notice that your Leo man becomes jealous over little things that previously wouldn’t have bothered him (e.g. a male friend giving you a friendly hug goodbye after a party) then this can be a sign that the relationship isn’t healthy and that he’s done with you (and you with him.)

10. Overly Competitive

Leo men can become overly competitive when they’re done with a relationship.

Even something as small as losing a board game can make him annoyed and he’ll start to act like he’s competing for a gold medal at the Olympics instead of playing a weekend game of Scrabble.

If you agree that the relationship is over, then it’s a good idea to bring up how you’re feeling to him. But if you want to get him back, then I recommend watching this free video.

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10 Signs That Your Leo Man Is Done With You

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