How To Tell When a Gemini Man is Done With You – 8 Signs to Watch For

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One of the most difficult aspects of dating is knowing when to let go. It’s hard enough dealing with breakups in general, but it can be even more confusing and frustrating if you’re not sure whether your significant other wants to end things or not.

If you’re dating a Gemini man, certain telltale signs usually indicate he’s done with you and wants to end the relationship.

Of course, this doesn’t stop you from feeling heartbroken but at least it can help you from being blindsided if he tells you it’s over.

8 Signs That a Gemini Man is Done With You

  • He’s Withdrawn
  • He’s Argumentative
  • He Seems Bored
  • He Stops Initiating Contact
  • He Asks Too Many Questions
  • He’s Flirty With Other Women
  • He’s Uptight

Have you been noticing these signs? If so, there’s a good chance your Gemini man is almost done with the relationship.

But most often, the real reason your relationship is crumbling is because of what is called a “Communication Gap“, which is the key to a successful relationship and the key to winning your man’s heart back (if that’s what you want.) 

I learned this from relationship expert Brad Browning – he’s helped thousands of women get their ex back and fix their crumbling relationship. 

He has a free quiz you can take to see if the communication gap is negatively influencing your relationship which I recommend you take. Here’s the link to the quiz.

1. He’s Withdrawn Around You

Geminis are social butterflies and love to be around other people. But if your Gemini man suddenly becomes withdrawn and seems less interested in spending time with you then this may be a sign he’s done with the relationship.

This is particularly true if it’s only you that he has become withdrawn around. Of course, it’s normal for people to want some space or time to themselves every now and again.

But if you’ve noticed that he starts canceling plans with you and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about seeing you, but he still has plenty of time and enthusiasm for his friends, that’s a definite relationship red flag.

2. He Starts Arguments Over Petty Things

If you’ve been with your Gemini man for a while and things have always gone smoothly between the two of you, then his sudden outbursts could be a sign that he is done.

He might start to pick fights about anything or criticize you more than usual – even if it’s something small like forgetting to order extra cheese on his pizza.

This type of behavior isn’t healthy and isn’t something you should put up with, so if you notice your Gemini man acting this way, it’s definitely time to re-evaluate the relationship.

3. He Seems Bored and Uninterested in What You Have to Say

If your Gemini man is less interested in what you have to say and doesn’t seem very engaged during conversations, it could mean he’s not as into the relationship anymore.

He may also seem more distant or withdrawn when you’re spending time together. If this happens for a prolonged period of time without any explanation, then there might still be hope!

In some cases people just need more space to figure out how they feel before making drastic decisions like ending things with someone they love; so if you know that he cares about you deeply despite his recent behaviors towards you, give him another chance and talk things through instead of jumping to conclusions too quickly.

If you want to save the relationship, then I recommend watching this free video.

It was created by Brad Browning, the relationship expert I mentioned earlier. In the video, he shares actionable tips and advice on how to make your man want you again, regardless of what your current situation looks like.

Here’s the link again to the free video.

4. He Stops Initiating Contact With You

Gemini men are natural extroverts and love chatting with people. And up until recently, your man always initiated contact with you, either through phone calls or text messages.

If your Gemini man is no longer initiating contact with you or making an effort to spend time together, it might be one of the signs that he’s done.

If this has been going on for a few weeks without any explanation and there are fewer phone calls and text messages than usual, then this could mean that he lost interest in you. There may also be less affectionate gestures like hugs goodbye or holding hands when walking down the street – his body language will tell all.

When you initiate contact with him, you’ll notice he seems to have less energy during conversations about feelings or anything relationship-focused.

This is a strong indicator that his feelings towards you may have changed but he may not know how to tell you yet because he knows it will hurt you.

women in white shirt sitting on bed

5. He Asks a Lot of Questions About Your Future Plans

Asking questions about your future plans may not sound like something that happens when a Gemini man is done with you, but it can be, and you need to pay attention to how he asks the questions.

If your Gemini man starts asking you lots of questions about your future plans without volunteering information about his own plans or telling you his plans and you’re noticeably absent, it might be a sign that he’s done with the relationship.

He may be interested in your plans because although he wants to end the relationship, he still cares about you and wants to make sure that your future is happy, even without him in it.

In his mind, it makes it easier to end things with you when he knows you have great plans for your future that aren’t reliant on him.

6. He’s Too Flirty With Other Women

Gemini men are flirty by nature, so there’s a good chance that your man has always been on the flirty side with other women. When a Gemini man is happy in his relationship, his flirtiness is just playful banter, nothing more.

Certain zodiac signs are ok with this behavior, but Scorpios find it unbearable, which is why Gemini is the worst zodiac sign to date if you fall under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

However, if you notice that his flirting has become more frequent, more obvious, and often crosses the boundary of simply playful banter, then that’s a sign that he may be done with the relationship.

He’s unable or unwilling to reel in his natural urge to be a flirt because he no longer sees a future with you.

7. He’s Always Uptight

Gemini men are easygoing by nature – they go with the flow and are often described as relaxed and laidback.

However, if you’ve noticed that recently, your Gemini man is tense and refuses to relax when he’s around you, it may be a sign that he’s done.

If this change didn’t happen suddenly but gradually over time, it may indicate that his feelings have changed. If it was a sudden change, then take notice of whether he’s uptight around his friends and family as well, or if it’s only when he’s around you. If he’s acting this way around everyone then it may be a good idea to check in and see if something else is bothering him.

8. He’s Become Pessimistic

Gemini’s are one of the most optimistic zodiac signs. They always look on the bright side of life and definitely view the glass as half full.

His optimism may be something that first attracted you to your Gemini man, so it’s very obvious when it’s replaced with pessimism. This can happen when a Gemini man is done with you because he no longer feels excited and hopeful about your future together – instead, he’s thinking of the inevitable break-up.


Gemini men can be outgoing and charming, but can also become pessimistic and argumentative when they’re done with the relationship.

If your feelings are starting to wane too, then it may be time to broach the conversation with him and end things amicably. You may even be able to remain friends if that’s what you both want because while he may not be the right person for you romantically, Gemini’s make wonderful friends.

If you’d like to try to fix the relationship, then check out the video I recommended earlier. Here’s the link again!

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