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All zodiac signs are assigned special angels that have specific traits. The Virgo Angel is Angel Hamaliel and the Virgo Archangel is Archangel Metatron.

Your angels are there to guide you through life, providing direction and protection when you need it. When you see an angel number like 11:11 or 555, this is a message to you from your specific angel.

Now let’s dive into the meaning and traits of Angel Hamaliel and Archangel Metatron, the angels of the Virgo zodiac sign.

Angel Hamaliel – Angel of Virgo

Angel Hamaliel is an angel of compassion and hope. He is known for being the one who brings relief to people in their time of need.

Angel Hamaliel is the angel who will help you see light at the end of the tunnel when you feel like you’re stuck in the dark. He is a source of hope and inspiration – someone who is always on your side and cheering you on.

He is an incredible force for those who are searching for meaning or guidance in life, especially when you are going through a spiritual awakening.

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Angel Hamaliel is an angel of light and his presence gives off a feeling of warmth that seems to radiate from within. Being in his presence creates an atmosphere of growth and new beginnings.

Angel Hamaliel is known as an angel of harvest and brings with him an abundance of blessings. He inspires, assists, and protects those who are willing to do good deeds for others, and stands by your side with patience and understanding.

If you call on Angel Hamaliel for guidance, he will never ignore you. However, be prepared that the guidance you receive may not be what you were hoping to hear. Remember, your guardian angels only want what is best for you and that means delivering the truth, not just what they know you want them to say. However, if you follow Angel Hamaliel’s guidance, the outcome will be positive.

Angel Hamaliel is compassionate, vigilant, sensitive, and caring. He does not judge others but only wants to help them by guiding them away from any wrongdoing. If you ever need guidance, protection, or someone to talk with during difficult times, call on the assistance of Angel Hamaliel for he will provide you with the support that you need so that you can be at peace once again.

Angel Hamaliel also guides humans to stop them from doing anything that would be detrimental to their world.

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Archangel Metatron – Archangel of Virgo

Archangel Metatron is a powerful angel who encourages you to use your powers and blessings for good. He appears as a teacher or master and he often encourages people to take responsibility for their own growth, both spiritually and psychologically.

He reminds us that we all have the power to create our reality and that every action has a reaction. He is often present when you are going through a spiritual awakening or a major life change.

Archangel Metatron has a “big brother” energy – he wants to guide you but will also allow you to make mistakes as he knows this is the best way to learn and progress.

Recommended Virgo Angel Products

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Archangel Metatron Sigil Necklace

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A sigil is a symbol that holds the frequency of a particular entity – in this case, the Virgo archangel Archangel Metatron. You can use this pendant to call upon Archangel Metatron whenever you are needing guidance or protection or wear it daily as a reminder of the loving protection provided to you by your guardian angel.

Archangel Metatron Crystal Grid

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This crystal grid features the sacred geometric pattern known as Archangel Metatron’s cube. It’s a powerful spiritual tool that can be used for meditation, healing, and purification (it’s especially powerful for calling on Archangel Metatron to help remove negative energy from your home or workplace.)

Prayer to Angel Hamaliel

Angel Hamaliel, I call on you as the messenger of joy. I pray that your light reminds me that there is always more to life than darkness. Please bring a message of hope and a renewed sense of purpose to my heart. Thank you!

Prayer to Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron, this is a prayer to ask you for guidance and support in my life. Please help me find balance and purpose in my life. Help me live to make positive changes in the world and the lives of those around me. Please bless me with your strength and powerful energy. Thank you!

A wonderful way to connect with your guardian angel is through the use of these Angel Prayers oracle cards. They can be used daily and provide affirmations and loving guidance and energy from the angels.

Final Thoughts

Angel Hamaliel and Archangel Metatron are the angels of Virgo and like all guardian angels, are there to protect you and guide you through life.

Both of the angels of Virgo are compassionate and sensitive, but Archangel Metatron’s energy can sometimes feel slightly more forceful, like a big brother. Rest assured that while you may not always get the answers you want when you call on your guardian angels, they are providing you with the guidance and advice they know you need to hear.

Angels communicate with us most commonly through angel numbers, including angel number 633 and angel number 444.

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