100 Interesting Things to Do When You’re Bored

Bored during quarantine? Looking for things to do to pass the time? You’re not alone. Even the biggest homebodies can start to get cabin fever when you’re forced to stay at home for weeks and even months on end.

If you’re stuck for ideas, this list will help. Below you’ll find 100 things to do during quarantine when you’re bored out of your mind.

100 Things to Do at Home to Combat Boredom

1. Start a blog

3. Make a Self Care Box

4. Open a Stash account and start investing with pocket change – (Here’s $20 to get started)

5. Color in an adult coloring book

6. Enroll in a Nanodegree with Udacity (they’re offering the first month for free right now)

7. Order some binoculars and start bird watching from your backyard

8. Start a journal about your thoughts and experiences during quarantine

9. Learn how to make samosas

10. Start a crystal collection

11. Make (and name!) your own sourdough starter

12. Make some DIY bath bombs

13. Make your own terrarium

14. Learn sign language

15. Learn how to draw

16. Start a daily yoga practice

17. Discover your purpose in life

18. Fitness minded? Get a personal training certification

19. Run a virtual marathon

20. Learn how to make a no-sew DIY face mask

21. Join a virtual choir

22. Make this adorable mini garden house

23. Live stream the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

24. Virtually visit the San Diego Zoo

25. Clean out and organize your closet – make a pile to donate to those in need

26. Binge watch an entire Netflix documentary

27. Organize your Google Drive

28. Binge-read some uplifting blogs – this one is a favorite of mine!

29. Download the “7 Minute Workout” app and do it every time you’re feeling bored

30. Make the perfect vegan chocolate cake

31. Update your resume or Linkedin profile

32. Create a household budget

33. If you have kids, make a chore/reward chart

34. Give yourself a mani/pedi

35. Take a long, hot bath with a good book

36. Plan your next vacation

37. FaceTime with elderly relatives

38. Virtually tour the Louvre

39. Learn how to make these quick and easy onion bhajis

40. Detail your car from top to bottom

41. Write a bucket list

42. Handwrite and send letters to friends and family

43. Practice your Halloween makeup

44. Start a YouTube channel

45. Make a vision board

46. Complete this (very difficult) rainbow puzzle

47. Organize the files on your computer

48. Virtually tour Yosemite National Park

49. Play board games

50. Make s’mores

51. Start your own backyard veggie garden

52. Virtually tour the Taj Mahal

53. Clean your entire house

54. Learn how to code (try Codeacademy)

55. Watch some TED talks

56. Meal plan for the upcoming week

57. Make a macrame wall hanging

58. Leave a positive review on Facebook for business you like

59. Find a podcast you love

60. Take your dog for a walk

61. Learn how to make an origami bird

62. Enter online competitions

63. Make some extra cash taking online surveys

64. Virtually tour Vatican City

65. Create a new music playlist

66. Try a new hairstyle

67. Do a massive brain dump

68. Develop your psychic abilities

69. Research an unsolved crime online

70. Learn how to do a handstand

71. Make some slime

72. Write a poem

73. Write a short story

74. Virtually explore Machu Picchu

75. Play video games

76. Virtually explore the Great Barrier Reef

77. Make some homemade Clorox wipes

78. Virtually trek through Mammoth Cave

79. Take the free Yale course, “The Science of Wellbeing” and increase your happiness level

80. Learn how to knit

81. Rearrange your furniture

82. Wash your sheets, towels and bath mats

83. Have a popcorn movie night

84. Build a blanket fort with your kids

85. Look through old photo albums

86. Learn how to invest in the stock market

87. Write a letter to your future self

88. Send a letter to a deployed troop, veteran, or first responder

89. Organize your filing cabinet

90. Foster a pet

91. Swap back massages with a loved one

92. Give yourself a pore cleansing face mask with Aztec Clay

93. Dance the Git Up with Blanco Brown

94. Re-read some of your favorite books

95. Choose a charity you love and make a donation

96. Sponsor a child through Save the Children

97. Find causes you believe in and sign petitions on Change.org

98. Take a virtual rollercoaster ride

99. Start a plan to reduce your waste (e.g. use recyclable bags, forgo bagging fruit and veg, learn how to compost, etc.)

100. Learn how to make and decorate cupcakes

100 Interesting Things to Do When You're Bored

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