The Moon Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The next card in our series of Major Arcana tarot card meanings is The Moon. Keep reading to discover what it means when The Moon shows up in your tarot spread.

XVIII – The Moon

Ruler: Pisces

XVII - The Moon - Major Arcana

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning

The Moon is a card of emotions that run high and feelings of confusion in the form of uncertainty and fear. Just like moonlight it is also a card of illumination as well as unexpected possibilities. The Moon card tells us this person has perception and there are things surrounding them that are not true to the eye.

The Moon Upright

Depending on its position the Moon can mean a clandestine affair, but in the upright position it’s a favorable omen for that relationship to be able to emerge into the public eye. If it’s not in a good position it can mean that the secret may be exposed.

The Moon card also represents the unconscious mind and the imagination. This card denotes the person has psychic perception and dreams of spiritual insights.

If the Moon card appears in a spread, you should listen to your inner voice.

The Moon is a card of illusions. When we see the moon in a spread it could be telling us the person is not able to see things clearly which results in depression. In this case it also says the person is not in control of their life.

But even if the going is rough the Moon lights up the right path. Depending on where the Moon is in the spread also portends of artistic abilities such as writing or music and that using ones artistic talents can lead to unexpected opportunities. It’s also favorable to those in the acting and entertainment industry. 

The Moon Reversed

When The Moon is reversed it tells of lack of progress because of deep rooted fears and anxieties. It also implies the person lacks nerve in relation to a situation.

The Moon reversed indicates lies and deceit which may be the cause of worry for the person. It signals either they are lying or they feel someone is not being straight with them. In general: the reversed Moon is an exaggeration of the upright implications in a reading.

Depending where it lies in a spread, The Moon reversed indicates there is a need for secrecy, there is a deception, illusion, and the person daydreams to escape from reality. It also suggests the person has trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality.

Depending where it is in the spread The Moon also talks of insincere people, hidden forces and trickery. It implies the person has trouble telling the truth because they are not capable of it. When it is in reverse The Moon is saying this person is desperate and in need of help; they are in despair.

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