The Devil Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The next card in our series on Major Arcana tarot card meanings is The Devil. Keep reading to find out what it means when The Devil shows up in your tarot spread.

XV – The Devil

Ruler: Capricorn

XV - The Devil - Major Arcana

When we see the Devil card it is not necessarily pure evil as is associated with Satan, but rather the negative aspects of carnal man. The Devil card symbolizes the desires of the flesh, and that such addictions and temptations will not have a favorable outcome. 

Devil Upright

In terms of relationships, when the Devil appears in a spread he is warning us about obsession or people that are not good for us. This card is prompting you to look at the situation very carefully.

The Devil card warns against destructive consequences as a result of one’s actions that are motivated by greed, lust and or power. The Devil is not all a bad omen; he reminds us to change our course of behavior while we can.

He is also saying if you have any addictions that you should consciously be aware of how they are damaging you and others around. This card is signaling that you need to gain control over them ASAP.

What is interesting about the Devil card in a spread if it is in a favorable position and if marriage or a commitment is in the air; then this is a good omen. So, in a positive sense the Devil can represent commitment and permanence.

Depending where this card falls it could represent money issues and a feeling of burden in relation to material aspects of one’s life. It indicates the persons desire for physical and material things. This card can also imply the person has feelings of frustration and oppression.

When we see the Devil card in a spread it can also mean the person has a tendency to collect and hoard both money and objects. This is a card of lust and sexual obsession. It also questions one’s security at the expense of their creative or spiritual fulfillment.

The Devil Reversed

When the Devil appears reversed in a reading it has a duality of meanings. It can mean there is light being shown to us at the end of a long struggle. It can signal that burdens are being lifted or depending on the rest of the cards can indicate true evil.

Reversed, the Devil talks of abuse of power or authority. This person is so focused on material success that they forget about everything else. It can represent uncontrolled ambition. Greed, bondage either to a person or situation, emotional black mail and more severe forms of the above are depicted by the Devil in reverse.

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