3 Tarot Spreads for Dream Interpretation

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Dreams can be confusing at the best of times.

It can be challenging to determine the exact meaning of a specific dream, especially those dreams that seem random and make no sense to the ordinary person.

Luckily, there are tarot spreads for dream interpretation that can help you discover what last night’s crazy dream was trying to get across to you.

You can use any combination of tarot spreads to interpret your dreams, but the three best tarot spreads for dream interpretation are three-card spreads, five-card spreads, and seven-card spreads.

Each tarot spread focuses on a different aspect of your dream.

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3 tarot spreads for dream interpretation

5 Card Tarot Spread For Dream Interpretation

This spread uses five cards drawn from your tarot deck.

Card 1 should be placed at the bottom of the spread.

Cards 2 to 5 should be placed above card one, in a fanned-out shape. 

5 card tarot spread for dream interpretation

This five-card tarot spread is one of the most effective for gaining as much insight into your dreams as possible while keeping the number of cards to a minimum. 

Various spreads employ fewer or more cards, but a five-card spread is a decent compromise, especially if you’re new to tarot.

This spread will concentrate on the heart of your dreams and the message they are attempting to express.

Card 1: What Past Event Is The Dream Based On?

Card 1 sets the background for the dream and provides more context. What recently happened that caused this dream? 

If a Major Arcana card appears, it means that this is a long-standing issue that has lately begun to resurface. 

If it’s a court card, it means there’s someone or something around the querent that you need to adjust to or let go of. 

If it’s a pip card, it means that some action has been performed or has to be taken but has gone unnoticed, and the dream is doing everything it can to grab your attention.

Card 2: What Is The Theme Of The Dream?

Card 2 provides insight into what exactly this dream focuses on.

This card should reflect any themes of important messages or realizations. 

You should ask yourself if this card heeds a warning or conveys a sign of encouragement. This will determine the mood for the rest of the reading.

Card 3: What Is Blocking The Dream’s Message?

Card 3 allows you to have a look at why this message came to you in a dream. Why didn’t you see other signs? 

Perhaps there is a block in your waking life that’s preventing you from receiving your intended messages or warnings.

Card 4: What Messages Are Being Represented By The Dream?

Every dream has a meaning and a message.

This message can be one of encouragement, praise, and love, or it could be a warning to avoid certain people, behaviors, or events.

Ask questions like: What message do I need to receive from this card? Is this a warning? 

Card 4 is the most telling card of this entire spread, as it describes the exact meaning and messages of the dream. 

Card 5: What Should You Do With The Dream Information?

Card 5 represents lessons and learning.

It tells you exactly what conclusions you should draw from the rest of the information that you have learned through the spread.

There might be a few lessons to be learned here and ways to improve yourself and your relationships with others. 

Many significant life lessons are brought to us through dreams.

7 Card Tarot Spread For Dream Interpretation

The dream and waking worlds are inextricably linked, and this spread focuses on that connection.

The cards in this spread are designed to compare and contrast two realms to help you better comprehend them both. 

The seven-card spread is similar to the five-card spread, but it can provide a bit more complexity in interpreting your dream and applying the message to help you grow.

7 card tarot spread for dream interpretation

Card 1: Your Waking Life Environment 

Card 1 describes the current situation in your waking life, in other words, in reality.

This can describe current goals, realizations, troubles, and feelings. 

This doesn’t provide a message or meaning just yet and is instead just stating a fact about the current state of your life.

Card 2: Your Dream World Environment 

Your dreamworld environment is represented by card 2 of this spread.

This describes your ideal reality, as well as the reality of the dream that you’re reading. 

This can be positive or negative and is often a mirror image of your waking life environment. 

This card should represent opposite themes to card one.

Card 3: Your Waking Life Emotions 

What are the most dominant emotions you’re currently feeling in your waking life? These will be represented by card 3. 

Whether they’re positive or negative emotions, they play a vital role in understanding the feelings that sparked the meaning of your dream.

Card 4: Your Dream World Emotions 

Card 4 represents your emotions in your dream world, in other words, your idealistic self’s feelings and thoughts.

The most prominent feelings in your dream will either line up precisely with your waking life emotions or be the complete opposite. 

Whatever their relationship is, it is essential to note the similarities or differences, as this is an integral part of the symbolism and meaning of your dream.

Card 5: Foundations Of The Dream 

Card 5 shows the real-life event that the dream is based on. It explains a lot about the cause and meaning of the dream. 

Your dream could be based on a situation you are currently going through, or it could be related to past traumatic events that you have yet to resolve.

Card 5 is arguably one of the most important cards in this spread.

It offers the most straightforward answer out of all the cards, which provides the most in-depth insight.

Card 6: What Lesson Do You Need To Learn From The Dream? 

Card 6 shows you what lessons you need to learn or what action you should take based on the meaning and messages of the dream you’re interpreting. 

There are many questions you can ask, such as:

  • What lessons do I need to learn?
  • What area of my life will improve if I take proper action?
  • Did I learn something new, or was I suppressing a lesson I have already learned?
  • How can I fix my mistakes with this new information in mind?

Card 7: What Is Blocking This Message In Your Waking Life?

Ignorance, disobedience, laziness are all things that can block the lessons we need to learn from being learned.

Often, you miss the signs and signals of the universe. So, you get sent dreams to teach you what you missed out on.

Use card 7 to determine what blocked your dream’s message from reaching you.

3 Card Tarot Spread For Dream Interpretation

Another useful spread is the linear three-card tarot spread. This specific spread focuses on the past, present, and future.

3 tarot card spread for dream interpretation

Card 1: Representing The Past

The past is a powerful time, usually representing old habits, previous relationships, or unachieved goals. 

Card 1 of this three-card spread represents what events from the past you need to focus on.

When you focus on these events, you will gain clarity about the present and the future, which may help you understand your dreams.

Your dreams, especially if they are reoccurring, might be trying to tell you that old issues are springing back to life in your current reality. 

You may have mishandled a few situations in the past, and this card will tell you how to fix those mistakes and potentially rebuild relationships.

Card 2: Representing The Present

Card number two represents the present.

Your current state of being, thoughts, feelings, and uncertainties are all being reflected by this card. 

Use this insight to search for areas of your life that could have caused you to have this dream.

They may be unresolved issues that you had already forgotten about or be issues that you weren’t aware of. 

Either way, this card tells you the best way to handle things right now.

Ask yourself if this dream was based on the past, present, or future, and draw meaning from the answer to this question.

Card 3: Representing The Future

The future is related to spiritual insight.

This means that card number three will offer you advice, guidance, and encouragement about how to handle the message of your dream.

You should take this advice and consider where it applies to your current situation. 

How To Read Different Tarot Cards For Dream Interpretation

While it would be impossible to list the meaning of each card and how the meanings relate to your dream, you can look at the meanings of each type of card and create a general understanding of what each group represents.

The ​Major Arcana​ cards symbolize important life events, lessons, or milestones.

Reading tarot cards according to their type is specifically relevant when discussing the Minor Arcana cards. They can be divided into four suits, each with its own set of meanings.

Minor Aracana Suit: Wands

The Wands suit represents your creative side.

Passion, inspiration and intuition, and the capacity to take action to achieve your goals are all represented by these cards.

They can apply to your romantic life as well as your professional life. 

Wands can indicate that you need to work on your health, well-being, relationships, or money. 

Wands come in your dreams to alert you to the fact that now is the moment to act.

Minor Arcana Suit: Cups

Water and your emotional state are represented by the Cups suit of cards. 

They frequently carry messages on how to regulate them. 

This suit may also convey signals about shifting your perspective in order to alter your future possibilities. 

The Cups Suit is associated with:

  • Joy
  • Success
  • Contentment 
  • Friends and family

They may symbolize your love life and relationships, as well as warn you of any surrounding delusions. 

Minor Arcana Suit: Swords

The Swords suit of tarot cards is seen as “action cards.”

This is because they call you to take action when you find yourself in the middle of troubling situations.

They symbolize leaders and people who have the guts and integrity to speak their truth. 

Swords communicate: 

  • Courage
  • Stamina
  • Resolve
  • Strength
  • Ambition 

The Swords suit relates to your profession, health, love life, and finances. 

In dreams, the Swords can be telling you that you need to be brave and face your struggles head-on, and use your strength to carry you through any trying times that lie ahead.

Minor Arcana Suit: Pentacles

The Pentacles suit represents knowledge and wealth. These are the cards of plenty and success. 

Pentacles symbolize your relationship with the natural world as well as your place in society. 

When doing a reading about dreams, this suit indicates that you need to dedicate more attention to your health, finances, or social activities. 

These cards might convey messages of either good or ill fortune, depending on the context.


Every dream is unique. So is every tarot card.

That’s why it’s perfectly fitting to use tarot spreads to interpret your dreams. 

In most situations, we experience dreams because we have a strong desire for some force to make significant decisions for us, particularly those that are critical to our survival. 

This desire is kept in our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind exposes buried wants in our dreams while we sleep.

When interpreting a dream, additional elements such as past life experiences, aspirations and desires, and the dream’s setting must all be considered.

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