Strength Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

Next in our series of Major Arcana tarot card meanings is Strength. Keep reading to discover what it means when the Strength tarot card shows up in your spread.

VIII – Strength

Ruler: Leo

The Strength tarot card shows a man alongside a lion. Both are in harmony indicating strength does not necessarily mean the display of brute force but rather a wise display of control and understanding the beast in us. The man in the picture is able to pet the lion, indicating that strength involves the use of gentle encouragement to get the results needed in one’s life.

VIII - Strength - Major Arcana

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

Strength Upright

The Strength card represents its name not just in the physical sense; but also implies when it is in a spread upright that the person has the ability to cope with immense pressures, and will emerge victorious as he fights through to the end.

If ill health has been an issue with the person at hand this card popping up indicates a speedy recovery. The Strength card also suggests that if you have any unhealthy habits now is the time to stop them.

Strength in a spread indicates triumph over all the main things in your life. You will win in the challenges facing your relationships or your career. It indicates that you can defend yourself against jealousy, ignorance and oppression.

This card signals that the person has the virtue of fortitude. They are determined and can control the passion of emotions against their basic instincts. They control both their strength and power. This person has energy, is generous, optimistic and shows a strong resolve.

Strength Reversed

When we see Strength in reverse it implies the person is insecure and fearful. It tells of the person giving up due to being beaten by unfair means.

Upside down Strength tells of a person who uses their power in the wrong way. The person may feel inadequate about something and have a pessimistic attitude in regard to things going on in their life.

There is a tendency with this person to surrender to unworthy impulses and an inability to act on important issues. The Strength card reversed can also indicate that the person should not give up when they are so close to the finish line.

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