10 Signs Your Deceased Pet Is Visiting You

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Losing a pet is a difficult event for any pet owner.

The loss, the mourning, the grief, and the love all swirl together to form one big cluster of emotions.

This is perfectly normal.

However, you should know that your pet is never truly gone.

They will often come to visit you, without you even knowing.

To help you recognize visitations from your beloved deceased pet and better process their death, let’s have a look at ten signs your deceased pet is visiting you. 

1. You Hear Them Moving Around The House

You may hear your deceased pet’s collar jangling around the house or the sound of their wagging tail hitting the floor.

This can be a clear sign that your pet is still there with you. 

They’re letting you know that you aren’t alone. They are still in the house, going about their daily routine, in the afterlife.

Your pet misses you and wants to make sure that you know that they’re still by your side. 

Hearing your pet can also sound like whining or whimpering. You can talk to them and might even find that they respond with a whimper or whine. 

Their favorite toys may make sounds throughout the night as if they were playing with them.

A subtle reminder of the presence of your deceased pet can look like hearing a song on the radio that reminds you of them or hearing them eating food.

Don’t be alarmed when you hear these sounds; it’s just your furry friend coming to pay you a visit from the afterlife.

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2. You Feel Their Presence

Of course, one of the clearest signs that your deceased pet may be popping in to check on you is feeling their presence. 

This can be a spiritual feeling, like feeling their energy or spirit wandering around the house, or it can be a physical feeling, like feeling their headrest on your lap.

You may feel a tingle on your lap, letting you know that they’re there nudging you for comfort. 

Many people say that they feel as if their pet is still hanging around their usual favorite spots around their home for many weeks or even months after their pet passes.

A sudden temperature change is a good way to tell that your beloved pet is curled up next to you. You may find that their favorite spot on the couch is extra warm on a cold day.

When you sense your pet’s spirit, it’s simple to acknowledge this communication with your furry friend.

Simply converse in the same manner that you did while your buddy was living. In reaction, you could hear a phantom whimper or meow.

Random happy memories might pop into your mind when you feel them close by. Savor these moments, as they are precious.

3. You See Them Trotting Around The House

Clairvoyancy is a divine gift bestowed only upon some. But on the odd occasion, people develop the gift after a loved one has passed. 

If you are already clairvoyant or have been blessed enough to see your deceased pet around the house, you should appreciate this rare time.

You get extra time to see your furry friend. Stop and admire the view occasionally. 

Some passed pets make themselves visible to their owners during trying times, when their owners may need a bit of extra love and support. 

It is not uncommon to see spirits of pets who have passed when you are feeling lost or alone.

In fact, 84% of pet owners whose pets have passed away say they have seen or heard their pet at least once since their death (1).

They may see you struggling, either with their death or with other personal issues, and come and visit you during this time.

Sometimes seeing your deceased pet doesn’t mean seeing a full, clear image of them, but rather, thinking you see them out the corner of your eye or seeing their shadow next to yours.

4. You See Their Personality In Other Pets

When your pet passes, it is not uncommon to start noticing small pieces of their personality shining through in your other pets or the pets of your friends.

Every pet’s personality is unique, so if you see hints of your deceased pet’s personality in other animals around you, it is an obvious sign that your late furry friend may be popping in to say hello from the afterlife.

Sending their distinctive spiritual energy to be with someone they love on Earth is one of the most prevalent ways that deceased animals connect with people.

The objective is to console the bereaved person they care about. 

When this occurs, people will become aware of the animal’s energy because they will sense a presence that reminds them of that animal.

This may be a sign that your deceased pet is visiting you through the spirits of other animals.

You should talk to their spirit in the other animals and make them feel welcome. 

Let them know that you recognize them. Take this time to appreciate the extra moments with your beloved pet.

Many people think that animals may reincarnate in the same manner that humans can. 

When their new companion exhibits similar personality characteristics and behaviors, some people believe their dog has reincarnated. 

Others think the pets live on the other side and are waiting for them to join them before reincarnating or going on to different planes of life.

5. Reaction of other pets 

Are your other pets acting strange? Well, this could be a sign that they are seeing or hearing their deceased friend. 

In the same way that you may be able to notice the presence of your pet’s spirit, your other pets may be able to do the same thing. 

People have argued for years about whether dogs can detect death.

Some say that dogs are genetically designed to be more aware of diseases and death since they have far superior senses to humans. 

Dogs specifically are highly alert, and they are probably one of the first animals to detect even the tiniest change in their friend’s mood.

Many sources claim that animals are highly sensitive to the presence of spirits.

This claim is widely believed to be true, as there have been many instances where animals have picked up the presence of a deceased pet and responded to it. 

If it is true that dogs and other animals can sense death, that should substantiate the claim that they can sense the presence of a deceased friend.

6. You See Them In Your Dreams

Dreams are the most typical ways for deceased pets to communicate with their owners. 

Dreams act as a link between this world and what is often referred to as heaven or the other side, depending on one’s religious views.

Walking with your departed pet, caressing your beloved friend, or simply resting by a lake, taking in the moment of being together again are all possible dream scenarios with your deceased pet. 

There is no set rule for dreaming about your dogs after they have died.

People claim that their dogs converse or interact with them in their dreams via telepathy or images. 

What you feel after having a dream about your pet might be very different. 

After your dream reunion with your pet, you may feel a range of emotions, both happy and unpleasant. This is completely normal.

Focusing on the messaging of your encounter is the greatest approach to deal with after having a dream reunion with your dear furry friend. 

Reassure yourself that your pet has communicated with you to let you know that they are safe and well in the afterlife.

7. You See Divine Signs From Them

There are a few objects and symbols that could indicate a connection with your pet’s spirit.

  • Seeing the shape of them in the clouds in the sky
  • Seeing a rainbow after thinking about them
  • Birds symbolize freedom. Seeing many birds can indicate that your pet is free and safe. The most common bird to see after death is a blue jay.
  • Seeing dragonflies or a white butterfly is a sign from your deceased pet to embrace change. This could be your sign to get a new companion or finally move on from their death.
  • Ladybugs frequently appearing in your space can be a sign to make the most of life and live it to the fullest. Your pet may want to remind you that life is short, and you can’t mourn forever.
  • Seeing number signs, specifically angel number 11:11 over and over again, can be a very obvious sign that your deceased pet is watching over you and is now one of your guardian angels. 
  • Flowers may begin to bloom, especially if it is out of season. They’re letting you know that they’re okay and having a different kind of life.
  • Remember that your pet’s spirit is full of energy, and it’s not uncommon to experience electrical manipulations after they die away.
  • After they’ve passed away, you could find a feather which could be them letting you know that they are safe and sound.
  • You came upon your deceased pet’s name in an unexpected place

All of these signs can be from your deceased pet.

dragonfly on reed

9. You See Angel Numbers

According to numerology, angel numbers are a recurring series of three or four numbers that emerge in apparently random locations throughout your life to transmit a spiritual or heavenly message.

Your deceased pet could be sending you a sign through angel numbers. 

It is important to pay attention to what numbers are being sent to you, as each number or series of numbers has its own meaning, and therefore its own message.

They enjoyed giving us numbers that were meaningful to them or you, such as birthdates, ages, or other significant numbers or numbers that are repeated in a sequence, such as 1111, 222, 33333, etc.

Your pet wants to communicate with you. This is one way they can “visit” you through other methods.

These numerals can be found on clocks, the television, billboards, watches, and any other place where numbers appear in your life. 

10. You Feel Ready To Move On

Moving on after the death of a pet can be difficult, and often, people try and avoid it. They feel like if they move on, their deceased pet will feel forgotten. 

This is not the case, and your deceased pet may even visit you to let you know that it’s okay to move on, it’s okay to get a new pet, and it’s okay to feel happy again.

When you feel a sudden surge of peace or happiness amidst the sadness, you will know that your pet is saying that it’s okay to stop being sad.

Of course, you can take as long as you need to, but it is always comforting to have the all-clear from your furry friend’s spirit. It can aid the grieving process for a lot of pet owners.

Remember that even if you move on, your pet will never truly be gone or forgotten.

Everyone takes their own time to heal. The same goes for your deceased pet. 

They may communicate with you two days after passing or four years after passing. Either way, they’re always looking out for you.

Final Thoughts

It is a privilege to have a deceased pet come to visit you.

Whether it’s an obvious sign, like making themselves visible, or a subtle sign like seeing a butterfly where they used to play, they are always with us. 

You should keep in mind that it’s okay to move on.

In fact, some people take two days to move on, while others take two years.

This is normal, and your pet may visit you at any time or not at all. Whatever the case, your pet loves you eternally.

If you’d like to communicate with your beloved pet, I recommend a free 5-minute reading with a professional psychic medium. Here’s the link for a free reading.


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