10 Signs of Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

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You could be going about your daily business, not even looking for a romantic relationship, when you meet someone and your world changes in seconds.

This person may not even be your type on the surface, but there’s an intense attraction, and all you want to do is get to know them. 

This magnetic attraction is too strong to ignore.

Some people call it love at first sight, but it’s raw, it’s soul-deep, and it could be the best thing that ever happens to you.

Here are 10 signs of magnetic attraction between two people

  • Déjà Vu. 
  • Instant magnetism. 
  • Unspoken understanding. 
  • Energetically connected.
  • Comfortable being vulnerable. 
  • You can be yourself. 
  • Always together. 
  • Different intimacy levels. 
  • Noticeable happiness. 
  • The desire to share your lives.

The thing about magnetic attraction is that while it’s definitely noticeable, sometimes men, in particular, can mistake it for something else.

You can’t make someone have feelings for you. But you can change the interactions between the two of you. And the right kinds of interactions can force him to see you in a different light.

But this will only work if you start using this special type of interaction with him BEFORE another woman locks herself into the one open seat where this kind of interaction is possible.

For example, him being comfortable getting vulnerable with you can run the risk of you being put in the friend zone… He may start thinking of you as a confidant and close friend rather than a romantic partner.

And of course, with the kind of magnetic attraction you’re feeling towards him, you probably don’t want to be in the friend zone.

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1. Could It Be Déjà Vu? 

One of the most intense signs of magnetic attraction can be the feeling that you’ve met or known this person from somewhere, but you aren’t sure where from.

That familiarity, like you’ve had coffee together before, like you already know them deeply, is one of the most striking signs of magnetic attraction.

It’s called déjà vu (1).

You may rack your brain trying to figure it out, but this could be a past-life connection, which explains why you feel like you already know them. Despite this knowing feeling, you still want to know everything about the real them in this life. 

The conversation will flow with ease between you, like old friends meeting again after years of living apart.

You’ll feel a deep connection with this person, and after you’ve exchanged numbers, you’ll probably find yourself looking them up on Facebook or Instagram to find out more about them.

2. Instant Magnetism 

Instant magnetic attraction is a powerful sign if you both feel it.

It’ll be exciting and almost electric, impossible to mistake or ignore. Like that inexplicable, compelling pull between two magnets, you’ll be drawn together in a way neither of you may understand. 

Your body language will be unusually open to each other, and you may even catch yourself staring into their eyes while hanging onto every word they say.

It may feel like the most natural thing in the world to reach out and take their hand while they’re speaking.

Or, if they had to do the same to you, you wouldn’t think twice or feel at all uncomfortable. 

couple standing on mountain at sunset

3. Unspoken Understanding 

One of the most common signs of magnetic attraction is that you both understand each other without saying a word.

We’ve all experienced this or seen it when we watch other couples. It’s as if they’re communicating telepathically. They don’t need to say a word about what they’re thinking, but they’re still on the same page. 

For example, if one wants to leave, no matter how subtle their “I’m ready to go” vibe is, the other will pick this up and, before you know it, they’ve left. 

This is because their communication is taking place on the soul level, and they just know what their partner is thinking or feeling at the time.

Sometimes, one may say something, and their partner will reply with something like, “I was about to say the same thing.”

They just seem to be in sync with each other. 

4. Energetically Connected 

Have you ever left a person you’ve been spending a lot of time with, and can still feel their presence around you?

At one point or another, we’ve all felt this, and while it may be tempting to brush it off as simply hormonal changes or chemical reactions in the brain, it’s a clear sign of a magnetic attraction. 

It can be felt between soulmates even when they’re physically apart. Once the two energies have met and mingled, their energy won’t disappear.

Instead, it will linger around you, and while you’re experiencing these intense attraction signs, you’ll be sensitive to feeling their energy close by.

You may even find that you’ll reach for your phone while thinking about them, and then they call.

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couple kissing

5. Comfortable Being Vulnerable 

We all come with a history, and we don’t bare our soul to every person we meet. 

For most of us, even our best friend since childhood doesn’t know all our secrets.

But that changes when you have a magnetic attraction with someone. 

You’ll find that you lower any defenses, take down walls without even thinking about it and tell them everything about you—good or bad—because you somehow know that they’re not going to judge you.

They’ll also share their history’s intricate details, and this mutual openness will create a deep bond between you. 

You won’t want to keep anything a secret from your soulmate. Even if you make a promise to a friend that you won’t say anything, you’ll end up telling your partner without thinking about it.

6. You Can Be Yourself 

When you meet someone with whom you experience these signs of magnetic attraction, you’ll feel comfortable enough to be the real you.

They’ll often see sides of you that nobody else has, like how you sing badly—but with passion—in the shower!

Also, you won’t have to hide when you’re annoyed; they’ll see your temper, and they’ll discover your quirky sense of humor. 

The real beauty about magnetic attraction and meeting your soulmate is that you won’t wear a mask and pretend that you’re happy when you’re not.

After a frustrating day at the office and being stuck in traffic, they’ll understand all of the nuances that make you “you.” 

They’ll understand that you’ve had a rough day and know exactly what to say and do to make you feel better. After all, your energies are aligned so you’re deeply in tune with each other.

7. Always Together 

You won’t want to spend any time apart from each other, and you may even find that you cancel previously made plans with your friends to spend time with this person.

You’ll also find that you won’t get tired of their company, even if there’s not a lot of conversation. But, with magnetic attraction with your soulmate, you’ll both find that it’s not necessary to fill the quietness with words. 

Often, you’ll want to be where the other is, and it won’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re together.

On top of this, you’ll find yourselves making plans that are just for the two of you so that you can spend time getting to know all about each other. 

8. Different Intimacy Levels 

You’ll discover many levels of intimacy with your soulmate, from sharing your fears over a cup of coffee to sitting in silence with one another.

It may be the first time you experience an intimacy that’s on all four levels—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual—and you’ll find that this brings you even closer (2). 

These intimacy levels will also foster a deeper understanding of each other. An understanding not only in personality and quirks, but you’ll gain deeper insights into each other’s wants, needs, life dreams, and aspirations.

This will also allow you to support each other in a more meaningful way through life’s triumphs and tribulations.

happy couple laughing

9. Noticeable Happiness 

Everyone will be able to recognize the signs of magnetic attraction when they see you both constantly smiling, spending time together like you’re walking on clouds.

You just won’t be able to help yourself, and you’ll find that you’re constantly thinking of this person and how great you feel around them. 

You’ll wake up in the morning with an unusual burst of energy, feeling more positive and with a zest for life that you didn’t have before.

With such a strong magnetic attraction, you may behave in ways that you wouldn’t normally. For instance, if you’re known to be shy, you may hum behind your desk, or catch yourself saying “yes” to events you’d have turned down before.

All because you’re feeling happier, more confident and more alive than you ever have.

10. The Desire To Share Your Lives 

Things can happen very quickly when you meet your soulmate, and it can be like a whirlwind of a relationship.

In a short space of time, you may find that you’re making big plans, from things like going on a road trip together to moving in together, and even marriage. 

It’ll be as if everything just falls into place, and you can’t wait to begin sharing your lives and experiences.

Who better to do it with than someone you trust, who knows your scars and history, but still loves you without judgment?

In Summary 

The signs of magnetic attraction, just like love signs from the universe, are strong and unmistakable.

This isn’t simply physical chemistry between two people—it’s an intense, deep, and oddly familiar magnetic pull towards this person. 

How many of these signs of magnetic attraction have you experienced?


Can You Feel Unspoken Attraction?

You can feel unspoken attraction – it may be subtle or it may be so strong that it’s unmistakable.

What is Unspoken Attraction?

Unspoken attraction is when two people feel attracted to one another but don’t express their feelings.
This could be for a number of reasons, including the fear that the other person doesn’t feel the same way, one (or both) party/s being in a relationship, cultural differences, or circumstances that forbid fraternization, such as workplace rules.

What Is An Example of Magnetic Attraction Between Two People?

An example of magnetic attraction between two people would be sitting down at a restaurant with friends and feeling an instant spark and intense connection with the waitperson.

You weren’t out looking for love or expecting to feel such a strong attraction, but it’s there, nevertheless.

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1. What is déjà vu? (13 June 2001.) Retrieved from https://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/extrasensory-perceptions/question657.htm

2. Mary Grace Garis. (Oct 29 2019.) There are 4 Types of Intimacy, And Only 1 Includes Touching. https://www.wellandgood.com/types-of-intimacy/

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