11 Signs From the Universe That Love is Coming

You’ve been manifesting your ideal partner for a while, but you’re still waiting for them. Perhaps you can feel a major internal shift in the way you think about love, or maybe you’ve seen other signs around you.

Lucky for you, there are some great signs from the universe that love is coming. I’ve compiled a list of the most common—and some surprising—ways to know your affirmations have been heard, and your soulmate is closer.

Here are 11 Signs From the Universe That Love is Coming

  • Feeling at peace with your past.
  • No longer wasting time on the wrong people.
  • Feeling happy about seeing love around you.
  • Running into someone repeatedly.
  • Dreaming about someone constantly.
  • Coincidences and synchronicities. 
  • Feeling like you’re meant to be with someone.
  • Strange behaviors from your specific person.
  • Feeling relaxed.
  • Happy being alone.
  • Not focusing on unproductive thoughts.

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1. Feeling at Peace with Your Past

One of the most surefire signs from the universe that love is coming is noticing you’ve finally let go of past relationships. You don’t feel angry or hurt with people, and you don’t go over the fights you had with your previous partner anymore. Of course, you know you’ve made mistakes, but you don’t blame yourself or others for them.

Many people make the mistake of finding a new partner too fast after a breakup, but starting with a clean slate is vital for your future relationships. Just like you can’t grow flowers on unhealthy soil, you can’t build a future over emotional baggage carried on from previous years.

You’re aware that the universe put those past relationships on your path to take you closer to finding your soulmate. You understand they were all necessary for you to learn and be in the right mindset for the arrival of your true love.

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2. No Longer Wasting Time on the Wrong People

You’ve completely stopped giving any attention to the people who don’t appreciate you. You’re not interested in meaningless, fast relationships, or spending time wondering if someone loves you. 

When true love comes, you don’t have to doubt it. Your soulmate will let you know how much you mean to them. You now know this is something to wait and save your energy for.

Now that you’re on your spiritual path, you immediately see through anyone and know if they’re worth spending your time on. This is because you know your worth and that you should be with someone who gives you the love, respect and time you deserve.

When you have a deep understanding about your inner self, you’re better equipped to form a deep connection with the right person, your perfect match who complements your personality.

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3. Feeling Happy About Seeing Love Around You

couple at sunset

You’ve started seeing couples all around you, but you don’t feel envy or sadness over your own situation. Instead, you feel happy for them and know love is just around the corner for you – this is one of the biggest signs from the universe that love is coming.

You can’t fake happiness, and you don’t need to. When love is coming, you feel at peace deep within yourself and with the world. You see other people in love and simply feel like you’re on the same wavelength. 

Finding happiness in every moment is an essential part of the law of attraction and manifesting love. To transform your reality, you need to project what you want to see and reprogram your mind. If you’re still struggling with negative thoughts, you won’t be able to enjoy other people’s happiness. 

This will reflect on your attitude towards the world. When you feel good about your life and enjoy others’ success in life and love, you’re bringing high-energy vibrations to yourself. This takes you one step closer to your soulmate.

4. Running Into Someone Repeatedly

Have you started bumping into someone all the time? At the grocery store, work or your local coffee shop, do you seem to run into them everywhere? These kinds of events are not just random coincidences, but messages you should pay attention to.

The person you’re running into just might be the person the universe has put on your path to fulfill your dreams. Even if it may not seem like it at first, you might soon notice that they’ve appeared in your life for a reason.

You might be wondering whether you should do something. If you’re working on your affirmations and focusing on the positive, love will announce itself in your life one way or another. Still, if this person is turning up everywhere you go, you can definitely give the universe a helping hand and say hi.

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5. Dreaming About Someone Constantly

woman sleeping in white sheets

This is one of the most common love signs. Dreams are never just dreams, and if you’re lucky enough to remember them when you wake up, take note. This is one of the ways the universe has of announcing the arrival of your specific person to your life.

The universe is putting you in the right mindset for finding love. That’s why your subconscious is introducing someone to you. Your lives are being joined by the universe so that once you do get together, you’ll both know it in your hearts.

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6. Coincidences and Synchronicities 

Have you started finding strange synchronicities or meaningful coincidences everywhere you go, especially ones that didn’t occur before? This might be a sign from the universe that love is coming. 

Pay special attention to repeating numbers. When angel numbers like 1111 or 777 begin showing up, it usually means a significant change is coming your way. If you’ve been focusing your energy on attracting love, it might be the universe preparing you for the arrival of your specific person.

Does your phone ring with a call or a message from someone important right when you’re thinking about them? This is also a sign that your paths in life are intrinsically connected, and you’re slowly coming together.

7. Feeling Like You’re Meant to Be with Someone

Do you have a strong feeling of calm and peace when you see or think about someone? Are you always at your best and most inspired when you think of them? Do you feel a magnetic attraction to them? It just might be that this person is your soulmate. 

When we’re young, we often take nervousness to mean true love, but it’s usually the opposite. When you find your specific person, you feel drawn to them like they were a magnet. You’ll always feel balanced and optimistic in their company. 

The same thing is likely happening to them, so it’s likely you’ll soon be together.

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8. Strange Behaviors from Your Specific Person

You’ve been manifesting a specific person, and suddenly they start appearing in your life. Maybe they start liking your posts on social media or looking through all your stories. You might even begin receiving texts or calls from them after a long while without contact.

This is the law of attraction at play. Your affirmations and scripting have been working, and your specific person is on their way to you. 

These small signs from the universe that love is coming mean that they’re going through their own growth to be in the same place you are. It may take a little while, but you need to stick to sending love around you and trusting the universe. They’ll reach the same vibrational level soon.

9. Feeling Relaxed

relaxed woman

You’re suddenly relaxed. You don’t feel anxious and impatient when you’re manifesting and scripting things for your life. You‘ve learned about yourself and what it takes to find love, and you know it’ll arrive when it’s time.

This is a crucial point on your journey to love, so enjoy it. When you’re truly at peace and spreading love all around you, you’re fulfilling your true purpose. That’s why your specific person is close to you now: because you’re ready for them.

10. Happy Being Alone

The best way to know you’re in the right mindset for love is to be happy on your own. True love arrives when you’ve done the work on yourself and are just as content being single as you would be with them. You don’t focus on wanting and needing things, but instead, on the immense gratitude, you feel.

Being in a genuinely loving relationship means complementing each other, but you need to be complete on your own. You can’t be the other half of a couple until you’ve both found harmony in your lives.

You get to this point by focusing on growth and putting yourself first. When you love where you are, you finally detach from needing a significant other in your life. That is usually the moment they arrive. If you find yourself happy being alone, this can be another sign from the universe that love is coming.

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11. Not Focusing on Unproductive Thoughts

You no longer waste time on negative thoughts and people who are not supportive of your journey. You manage to keep your mind set on your goals and let toxicity flow past without harming you.

Reaching this stage is necessary on your spiritual journey. You’ve learned a more harmonious way of life, and you’re now radiating an immense amount of positive energy into the world. This energy will be answered. You just need to give it a bit more time.

Does the Universe Bring Soulmates Together?

The universe does bring soulmates together, but it might not be in the ways you expect. Of course, there are definitely instances where someone walks into a crowded room and immediately feels a soulmate connection or magnetic attraction with a complete stranger.

That’s an example of the universe bring soulmates together, but the universe doesn’t always work in such an obvious way. Instead, the universe will often send subtle signs like repeating numbers and present opportunities – it’s up to you to recognize these signs and take advantage of the opportunities that the universe provides you.

Love Is Getting Closer

Did you recognize any of these signs from the universe that love is coming? You keep seeing some very positive omens, and you’re increasingly confident that your soulmate is on their way. Now, you just need to wait a touch longer.

The love of your life – the person who will fall deeply in love with you – is just around the corner, so it’s important to keep that positive mindset. If you stick to your affirmations and scripting practice to manifest them, they will arrive.

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