How to Send a Telepathic Message to Someone Far Away

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Do you ever get a sudden rush of positive thoughts about someone? Or start thinking about someone, and suddenly, they call you?

This might be because you’re sending telepathic messages back and forth. It’s unconscious, but if the intent is strong enough, it can happen.

Everyone has the ability to tap into their innate telepathic gifts. The key is finding the right trick to get your messages across long distances.

How to Send a Telepathic Message to Someone Far Away

Here’s how to send a telepathic message to someone far away.

  • Strengthen your telepathic abilities and eliminate distractions.
  • Visualize the recipient.
  • Join the recipient.
  • Relay the message.

How to Strengthen Your Telepathic Abilities

When learning how to send a telepathic message to someone far away, first, you need to strengthen your telepathic abilities. 

It’s one thing to engage in some playful twin telepathy, or send messages to your best friend next to you. It’s another to push those thoughts across the country, or world.

Believe Strongly

You can’t achieve anything without believing it first.

A simple, “Yes, this is probably possible …” won’t cut it. You need to truly know that you can and will get your message to the other party.

Your brain will believe anything you tell it, so repeating a mantra is helpful. Something simple, like “My message will get through, I know this to be true.”


If you stress about getting your message through, it’ll be much harder. Try relaxing before you attempt to send it.

Meditate on it for a while. Think of nothing but your message, the recipient and your ability to send it. In cases of strong telepathy or an incredible bond, this may be enough to fully relay your message.

With people you know less, or for beginners, it’s an excellent way to prepare your mind for the task.

woman meditating

Remove Distraction

Humans are easily distracted. To improve your telepathic abilities, you need to focus on nothing but that ability.

This is why meditation is so helpful. It helps you focus, gets rid of visual and audible distractions, and you’re alone with simply your thoughts and will.

If your mind is strong enough, sure. You can send messages amidst a hoard of people in a noisy area. But when you’re just starting out, you might find the distraction almost impossible to overcome.

How to Send a Telepathic Message

Once you’ve honed your skills and feel you can effectively send messages across long distances, it’s time to put yourself to work.

Step One: Visualize the Recipient

Do you have a picture of the recipient? Or are you able to vividly imagine them in your mind? Either works.

Look at a picture of your recipient, be it physical or mental. Form them in your mind, as if inside a physical headspace.

Try to make it as vivid as possible. What outfit do they wear the most? How does the person stand and emote? Any particular scent they normally wear?

Step Two: Join the Recipient

Imagine yourself in the headspace with the recipient. 

Make the picture as real as possible. You don’t need to fuss over details, like the background or the color of your socks. But can you see their face, as if you were standing there in front of them?

Can you smell them? See the movement of their clothes?

Or can you see a letter you’re writing to them, their email address, their phone number? Can you see how they’re positioned as they’re about to receive your communication?

Once the image is solid, and you’re both within this headspace you created, you’re ready to send your telepathic message.

Step Three: Relay the Message

It doesn’t matter how you deliver the message. For long messages, saying it may be easier. For a stronger visual message, writing it down is best.

Even imagining you’re texting or emailing the message works—so long as you picture the scenario correctly.

Now … send the message.

Make sure you’re clear, and being concise is easiest. And if it’s helpful, imagine the person reacting to your words.

Once you’ve sent the message, give the person a nice farewell, and open your eyes. You’ve done everything you can do for now.

How Do You Know Your Telepathic Message Has Been Received?

Unfortunately, you can’t know for certain if your message was received unless you get one back. The reply may also be telepathic, or it could come another way.

One way to try and ensure your messages get through is practice.

Find a Partner to Practice With

Do you have a close friend you can practice with?

Come up with a message and follow the steps above, as you sit face to face. Send them a message, and don’t make it easy. Don’t let it be relevant to your life, their life or either of your personalities.

Make it nonsensical, something like: “My real name is Tarquin Beamis, and I will tell everyone this.”

Then ask your partner what you said. If they repeat your ridiculous line back to you, it worked. There’s no way your practice partner would come up with the same ridiculous message as you, right?

Once your partner receives the first successful message, go back and forth. You can try receiving some, too. 

Then make your messages more serious. Make them longer. 

After you’ve mastered this, switch it up. Go back to short, hard-to-guess messages but do it in separate rooms. Progress through this, now, do it in separate buildings. The last step is to put as much distance between you as possible, progressing from short silly messages to long and serious ones.

If you can continually find success with this, you know people can receive your messages. Try it with more than one person for extra certainty, and there’s almost no chance you’ll fail.

Communicate With the Right People

You can’t just send a message to someone random, like a celebrity crush or your teacher from 30 years ago.

Send your telepathic messages to people you know. And for the best shot at success, to people who are spiritually alert.

Unless you have the most powerful mind of all time, you won’t get a message through to someone who doesn’t believe in telepathy.

You might get through to a friend who’s alert and aware, even if they don’t know to expect messages from you. This will most likely be indirect, and you’ll pop into their head. They might think to call you or leave a message.

But your best chance of a perfect delivery will be with someone who knows you may send a message now and then.

And if you both have a natural gift for telepathy, it’s a bonus.

How Do You Know You Have a Gift for Telepathy?

Since telepathy is something anyone can master with enough work, how do you know you have a natural knack for it? 

There are some signs to look out for in you and your friends that give it away.

Your Heightened Intuition

A sign that you have telepathic abilities is having high intuition. Do you get bad vibes from someone you see, and the next day hear of their arrest? Or can you guess the color of a crystal in black and white, and when the video goes into color you were right?

This is a sign of telepathic abilities. You could pick up on thoughts and energies, giving you an inkling that turned out to be true.

You Frequently See Repeating Numbers

Repeating numbers are messages from our guardian angels. We all get these messages but not everyone notices them. Noticing repeating numbers around you is sign that you’re spiritually aware and more likely to have telepathic abilities.

You Have Dreams With Meaning

Sometimes people dream of something that happens a few days later. It’s eerie, and if it’s you, it’s a sign of a very powerful mind.

Your mind may be tapping into the Akashic records. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a collection of every event in humanity that ever was, is or will be.

A telepathic connection with the Akashic records can give you those powerful, clairvoyant dreams.

(If you want to learn more about Akashic records, this book is incredible.)

You’re Empathetic

If you’re empathic, you have a strong ability to understand how others feel. How they feel relates to the way they think—you can receive their thoughts and emotions well. You may even be a clairsentient empath.

As a telepathic receiver, your telepathic abilities are strong. You can transform your strong receiving mind into one that sends equally clear messages.

Physical Sensation in Your Third Eye

Your third eye resides between the eyebrows.

Headaches between your eyebrows can be a strong sign that your third eye is kicking into gear. And tingling in the area is an indicator that you’re receiving or perhaps sensing a message.

If you find the headaches or tingling distressing, don’t worry. It won’t last forever. As you reach the peak of your telepathic abilities, the sensations will subside. Your third eye will be expanded, and working as it should.

Final Thoughts

Learning telepathy isn’t easy, and it’s not for everyone. But with continual practice and determination, you can find success no matter the distance.

Now you know the basics of how to send a telepathic message to someone far away. Practice with partners, learn your strength, and pay attention to your natural telepathic powers. If you combine your knowledge, ability, and intent, you can craft a powerful talent for sending messages mind to mind.

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How to Send Telepathic Messages to Someone Far Away

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