20 Self Care Box Ideas for The Ultimate Wellness Kit

Today I’m going to be sharing a really fun idea with you – create your own self care box! Putting together a self care box is fun and once you’ve set up your box, you can pull it out whenever you want to show yourself some love (which should be often!) Below you’ll find 20 self care box ideas that will ensure you put together the ultimate wellness kit.

What is a Self Care Box?

A self care box is your own special toolkit that is full of items to help you rest, relax and feel rejuvenated. You can pull out your self care box when you’re feeling stressed or need a pick-me-up. But self-care should be a regular thing, so I encourage you to use your self-care box regularly (I use mine every day.)

self care box ideas

What to Put in a Self Care Box?

The options are endless on what you can put in your self care box and ultimately, it’s your personal choice. Think about the types of things that make you feel relaxed, happy and rested. Do you love incense, or are you more of a scented candle type of person? Customize your self care box and make it your own.

Having said that, here are some of my favorite ideas to put in your self-care box.

20 Self Care Box Ideas

#1 – Self Care Planner

#2 – Jade Roller

#3 – Affirmation Cards

#4 – 24K Gold Under Eye Mask

#5 – Mala Beads

#6 – Premium Hand Cream

#7 – Baoding Balls

#8 – Wooden Foot Roller

#9 – Hand Therapy Stress Ball

#10 – Nourishing Lip Balm

#11 – Chakra Crystals

#12 – Healing Crystal Wand

#13 – Scented Candle

#14 – Dead Sea Mineral Mask

#15 – Massage Ball

#16 – Lavender Eye Pillow

#17 – Angel Cards

#18 – Essential Oils

#19 – Badger Balm

#20 – Exfoliating Brush

self care box

How to Make a Self Care Box

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your own self care box:

  • Ornaments or Embellishments for the Box
  • Items to put in your self care box

Now comes the fun part – putting your self care box together. Make sure you decorate your box – don’t skip this step. Your self care box should make you happy when you look at it. This doesn’t have to be expensive – it only cost me a few dollars to decorate my box. I already had the gold letter stickers, so all I needed was some paper shred filler and some pretty stickers for the lid.

self care box ideas

Once you’ve decorated your self care box, fill it with a selection of items that make you feel happy, relaxed and pampered.

I like to include a journal in mine so I can write down my thoughts using these self-care journal prompts. I also include mala beads, which are a helpful tool when you want to meditate but you can’t sit still.

Make the box your own, decorate it as whimsical, minimalist, feminine (or anywhere in between) as you want, and fill it with the things that make you happy.

And don’t forget the most important step – make sure you open your self-care box on a regular basis and take some time for self-care!

20 Self Care Box Ideas for Your DIY Self Care Kit
How to Make Your Own DIY Self Care Box
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