Seeing the Same Time on the Clock — What It Means When You See Mirror Hours

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Repeating numbers are all around us and have long been a subject of wonder and curiosity. One such example is seeing the same time on the clock everyday.

But does this phenomenon have a deeper meaning or is it merely a coincidence?

The meaning of repeating numbers and the occurrence of synchronicities has been researched throughout history by astrologers and numerologists.

Humans have always wanted to better understand time, the fourth dimension that we are trapped in, and that includes exploring what it means when you keep seeing the same time on the clock!

So let’s take a deeper look right now.

Synchronicity: A Message From the Universe That You’re on the Right Track

Seeing the same time on the clock every day is known as synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the expression of the famous psychologist Carl Jung (1). It’s a phenomenon of “coincidences” that have a purpose in life.

Synchronicities are a message from the universe, a confirmation of your intuition and an indication that you’re on the right track.

If synchronicities are happening to you, it’s a sign that you’re receiving help and guidance.

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Some Examples of Synchronicity:

  • You receive a call or message from or bump into the person you just thought about.
  • You stumble upon something (in the store or at home) that will solve your current problem, without searching out that particular item.
  • You’re watching a film or listening to a song that contains a similar story to your current life situation.
  • Something stops you (e.g., your car breaks down, or you lose your keys), and you avoid an accident.
  • Mirror hours—you see the same time on the clock again and again.

It’s worth exploring synchronicities further, because often if you’re experiencing one, such as seeing the same time on the clock repeatedly, then you may experience other synchronicities.

Here’s some further reading:

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Mirror Hours: Numerology Meaning

When you see the same time on the clock, pay attention to what you were thinking at that moment, or the first thought that crossed your mind when you saw the time.

It’s likely that this is related to the meaning of the mirror hour you are seeing.

Occasionally seeing the same time on the clock is a coincidence and normal, especially if you set your alarm for a certain time each day.

But if you glance at the clock randomly and it’s always the same time, then it’s time to listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.

For example, I noticed I was constantly seeing 11:11 on the clock. I rarely watch the time but every time I did glance at the clock, sure enough, it was 11:11.

I used this free life path number calculator and as it turns out, my life path number is 1. Seeing 11:11 was a reminder for me to find balance as I tend to focus on a goal without taking the time for self-care.

I recommend finding out your life path number and checking if it’s related to the time you keep seeing on the clock to get further insights.

This is the free calculator I used to discover my life path. It also gives you insights into what your life path number means and gives you insights into your personality, future, relationships, and more.

Below you’ll find the meanings of some of the most common mirror hours that people see repeatedly.

11:11 or 01:01 Wake Up Call

Whenever this number is shown to us repeatedly on the clock, it’s a wake-up call. It invites us to look around and pay attention to where we are, who we’re with, and what is going on.

It’s a cosmic confirmation that you’re moving in the right direction and may inspire you to try something new. 

12:34 New Beginnings

Seeing 12:34 on the clock signifies new beginnings. 1234 is an angel number that is frequently shown by guardian angels when they are sending a message of transformation and hope for the future.

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22:22, 02:02 or 2:22 Find Balance

Seeing repeating 2’s calls us to find balance in all areas, especially social relationships. Where are you out of balance, and what can you do to change? 

It also reminds us of our foundations and values. It’s a reminder to connect with our intuition and listen to what seems to be the right path.

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03:03 Balancing Between Mind, Body and Spirit

Seeing the recurring number 3 invites us to look at the connection between our mind, body, and soul.

Which of these elements have we been neglecting lately?

All three are equally important, and we often neglect one or two while paying too much attention to the other. 

04:04 Take Time for Home and Family

Four is the number of home and family. Give them your attention — they need you, and you need them. Take some time and dedicate yourself to your family members.

05:05 Changes Are Coming

If you keep seeing number 5 on the clock, you need to stop hiding from the world and make a change.

Sometimes we get stuck in a certain pattern, relationship and other aspects of our lives.

In such situations, the change that comes from outside stimulates us to notice other better possibilities.

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06:06 Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

Number 6 reminds us that now is the time to stop and think about how to move forward.

It invites us to pay attention to our thoughts, and set an intention for manifesting what we want in – and out of – life.

Dig into where your thoughts originate from. Is what we think real, or is it merely a familiar pattern we’re used to?

Remember that our thoughts create our reality, so they deserve our attention.

07:07 Let Go

The number 7 invites us to take an honest look at the areas in which we control our life.

What do we want to achieve with this? What are we protecting? What are we afraid of? What will happen if we let go of control and surrender to the universe?

08:08 Something New Is Coming

The number 8 marks the completion of a particular cycle of the spiritual path and the embodiment of the wisdom brought by that cycle.

It informs us that we’re ready for something new, and we have successfully overcome and learned from the past.

09:09 New Chapter

It’s time to close certain doors—a new period is ahead of you, which will direct you on the path of your soul. Focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

10:10 Cross and Connect

You’re in a moment of reversal. What do you no longer need in your life?

Remove this from your life, be it a way of thinking, a person, a relationship, a situation or a habit.

You’re in the energy of a new beginning that brings you the right people and opportunities — but only if you follow yourself and leave the past behind.

12:12 Love Yourself

Listen to yourself first, then try to guess what others are feeling. Now is the time to love yourself. Follow your dreams.

13:13 Be More Responsible

You need to learn to take responsibility and persevere. Patience will be required to see the changes you want. Keep a sober head and use common sense.

14:14 Stay Strong

Double karmic debt, so the question arises: do you avoid the truth, responsibility, and the most honest approach? Don’t rely on others.

It’s possible that life will put temptations in front of you, so be a little more careful these days — running away from a commitment will be much more tempting than usual.

15:15 Don’t Lose Yourself

Rapid changes are possible, so it’s important not to lose the essence of yourself.

What really matters?

Find your inner child and connect with them — then embark on a path that resonates with your greatest depth.

16:16 Be More Confident

Number 16 symbolizes learning self-confidence. So if you have a feeling in any area that you’re not capable enough, this number points it out.

17:17 Trust in Yourself

You need to be aware of your own inner strength. So put yourself as an equal with others no matter what your surroundings tell you.

Trust your knowledge and skills, and don’t give up on yourself.

18:18 Don’t Be Afraid

Healing will begin when we distinguish ourselves and others — not with ego, but with the heart.

When we remove fear, love remains. What are you afraid of? 

19:19 Reduce Your Ego

The number 19 warns that it’s the work of your ego that could be your downfall.

Step as calmly as possible into conversations that could get on your nerves. In what situations (relationships, conversation, collaboration) does your ego get in the way? 

20:20 Challenge Yourself

Observe your own stability, especially when talking to people you may fear, are uncomfortable with or perceive as an authority.

At the same time, pay attention to the opportunities that can challenge you. 

21:21 Respect Other’s Desires

Number 2 describes the needs or desires of others, and number 1 describes our own desires.

How do you act when you’re expected to do something other than what you want?

It’s possible that someone will give you a good idea or advice, but the decision is yours.

23:23 Take Care of Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself first, and then others — your soul needs attention. Now it’s the time to step forward on your path.

00:00 Manifest Your Desires

Seeing the number 00:00 on the clock means that you have a chance to make your wish come true.

Now is the time to solve any problems or issues that you currently have in your life, and everything will work out for your benefit.

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13:31 A New Phase in Life

When you see 13:31 mirror hour on your clock, watch or cell phone, it’s your guardian angels sending you a message that you’re about to enter a new phase in life.

This could be in relation to a new career or an opportunity for greater self-expression and creativity (or both.)

There are likely to be interesting and exciting opportunities coming your way soon, so start preparing yourself for this.

Final Words

Seeing the same time on the clock every day is a synchronicity, a message from the universe directly for you.

Pay attention to the signs and messages sent to you through recurring mirror hours and remember that the universe wants you to live the life you desire. It’s giving you the nudge, you just need to recognize the signs and take action.

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signs and synchronicities that are happening to you including seeing the same time on the clock everyday

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  1. Today I was driving and thinking about a certain person. A song came on that I identify with him and then I looked down and it was 5:55. I believe but don’t always understand what they are trying to tell me. I do believe this man and I are meant to be together, actually the song was I was made for you.


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