5 Root Chakra Stones With Powerful Unblocking Properties

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A blocked root chakra can manifest a range of symptoms including feeling anxious, stressed, threatened and sluggish so it’s important to keep your root chakra unblocked, allowing prana to flow freely. Fortunately, there are a variety of root chakra stones that can help to keep your root chakra balanced.

The Root Chakra

root chakra

The root chakra, known as “muladhara” in Sanskrit, is the first of the seven primary chakras.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, where your tailbone is. It also encompasses your pelvic floor, the first three vertebrae and the perineum (the area between the genitals and anus.)

The root chakra is closely associated with your sense of safety and security. A balanced root chakra allows you to feel grounded, safe and present.

At times, chakras can become blocked which means that energy is not flowing freely. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, mental and spiritual problems are often diagnosed as being caused by chakra blockages.

5 Root Chakra Stones with Powerful Balancing Properties

The root chakra is represented by the color red and as such, the most powerful root chakra stones are generally reddish in color. They include:

1. Garnet

garnet root chakra stones

Garnet is a beautiful semi-precious stone that actually comes in virtually all colors, but for the purpose of balancing the root chakra, we want to use a red garnet.

Garnet is an excellent root chakra stone – in fact, if you were going to choose just one of the root chakra stones on this list, I would recommend choosing a garnet.

Garnet is an incredibly powerful healing stone, able to balance the root chakra while also elevating the healing properties of other stones. This is particularly helpful for when you have other chakras that are blocked and don’t seem to be responding to the healing stone you’ve chosen.

These garnet healing crystal wands have a beautiful cleansing, balancing and healing energy and can be used as a pocket stone or held during meditation.

2. Red Jasper

red jasper root chakra stones

Red jasper is a vibrant stone that has strong grounding properties – it’s one of the most popular root chakra stones.

Red jasper is associated with strength, courage, grounding and protection. These are important healing properties as they directly correlate with the issues commonly caused by a blocked root chakra.

Keeping a piece of polished red jasper in your pocket, like this beautiful polished red jasper palm stone is a great way to unblock the root chakra and help you invoke your inner strength.

3. Sunstone


Sunstone is a semi-transparent variety of feldspar, with varying amounts of red copper flecks. While it generally has a reddish tone, this can vary significantly depending on the source. When you’re purchasing a sunstone specifically for the root chakra, try to choose a sunstone that has a deeper red color.

Often referred to as the “stone of leadership”, sunstone has a bright, positive, happy energy, like the sun and the sun deities it was often associated with in the past.

This bright, positive energy is especially helpful for when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or fearful, which are all common symptoms of a blocked root chakra.

4. Carnelian

carnelian stone

Carnelian has long been considered one of the most powerful healing crystals for the root chakra. Carnelian, like many gemstones, comes in a variety of shades. Red Carnelians are best for the root chakra while carnelians that favor orange shades are an ideal sacral chakra stone.

Carnelian is a positive, friendly stone that evokes feelings of happiness. Many people find carnelian to be uplifting and motivating, giving them a sense of strength and feeling of power, especially in situations where they’re made to feel weak or powerless.

5. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline root chakra stones

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that comes in a variety of colors and is often used in jewelry. It comes in a variety of colors but black tourmaline is recommended for healing the root chakra.

Black tourmaline has a wonderful grounding and balancing energy, providing a sense of peace, safety and belonging. It has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform that into positive energy, along with helping you feel strong and connected to your roots.

It’s these grounding properties that make black tourmaline one of the best root chakra stones.

How to Use Root Chakra Stones Stones

There are a number of ways to use root chakra stones for balancing your muladhara. One of the most popular ways (and my personal favorite) is to wear a chakra bracelet.

chakra bracelet

A chakra bracelet is a bracelet made of stones that represent each of the 7 chakras. Wearing a chakra bracelet is a convenient, easy way to benefit from the healing powers of several stones at once. It helps keep everything in balance, which is why I recommend wearing a chakra bracelet everyday.

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Another effective way to use chakra stones is to lay on your back and place your chakra stone on the body part associated with the chakra you’re trying to unblock.

If you’re laying on your front, you can place one of your root chakra stones on the base of your spine. If you’re on your back, place it on your pubic bone region.

Then close your eyes, calm your mind and focus your attention on your root charka, envisioning it unblocking and energy flowing freely.

In Summary

There are many root chakra stones that can be used to balance and align the root chakra, allowing energy to flow freely. When your root chakra is balanced you will feel joyful, creative and emotionally stable which are all important aspects of life, so take the steps to ensure that your root chakra remains balanced and aligned.

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5 Root Chakra Stones With Powerful Unblocking Properties

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