13 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations to Unblock Your Muladhara

Your root chakra, or “muladhara” in Sanskrit, is your first chakra and is located at the base of your spine – your tailbone.

Because the root chakra is the first energy center and is often referred to as your survival center, it’s imperative that your root chakra is unblocked and balanced.

Root chakra affirmations are an effective way to do just that.

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How to Tell If Your Root Chakra is Blocked

A blocked and unbalanced root chakra can present in a variety of ways. One of the most common symptoms of an imbalanced root chakra is a feeling of restlessness, an inability to “be still,” and constantly feeling like you’re searching for something, but you’re not sure what.

Other symptoms of a blocked root chakra include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Depression
  • Feeling Lethargic
  • Restlessness
  • Stress
  • Anger
  • Inflammation
  • Constipation
  • Lower Back Pain

If you’re not sure whether it’s your root chakra that is blocked, you can take this free chakra analysis quiz to find out.

Root Chakra Affirmations

There are many techniques you can use to unblock your chakras, including reciting root chakra affirmations wearing a chakra balancing bracelet.

Your chakras are concentrated energy centers in the body. Words are also energy and as such, can be a powerful tool when used correctly.

The following affirmations are a powerful way to unblock the root chakra.

#1 – I am safe and protected at all times

#2 – I am secure in the knowledge that all my needs are met

#3 – I am strong and grounded

#4 – I breathe in peace and breathe out stress

#5 – I am worthy of all good things

#6 – I am calm, centered and relaxed

#7 – The earths energy flows through me

#8 – Gratitude lights my path

#9 – I am exactly where I am supposed to be

#10 – I am connected to my body

#11 – I am deeply connected to Mother Earth

#12 – I am aligned with the energy of abundance

#13 – There are no limits to my abilities

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