How To Meditate Using the Rainbow Meditation Technique

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The Rainbow Meditation Technique is a guided meditation inspired by the major energy centers of the body, known as the chakras.

Each chakra is represented by a color:

  • Red – Root Chakra
  • Orange – Sacral Chakra
  • Yellow – Solar Plexus
  • Green – Heart Chakra
  • Blue – Throat Chakra
  • Indigo – Third Eye
  • Violet – Crown Chakra

As you go through the Rainbow Meditation technique, you’ll be visualizing each of these colors, one by one. If you’re having trouble staying focused during your meditation and find your mind wandering, a visualization technique like the rainbow meditation technique can be an effective way to retain focus and relax the mind.

The rainbow meditation technique, like all forms of meditation, is a wonderful way to relieve stress and tension, center yourself, find inner peace and focus on your mind, body and spirit.

The Rainbow Meditation Technique

You may find it helpful to read through the steps listed below before you start your meditation, so you have a clear idea in your head of each color and corresponding chakra.

To begin your rainbow meditation, start to visualize a vibrant rainbow in the sky.

Envision all of the colors of the rainbow as vividly as possible. Firmly fix the rainbow in your mind. Now you can begin the meditation process.

Red – Root Chakra (Muladhara)

root chakra

Take a long, complete, deep breath. As you’re inhaling, picture the color red in your mind. Exhale.

The color red symbolizes tension in your body, especially in your spine. As you exhale, release all of the tension you are holding in your body.

Orange – Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

sacral chakra

Take a breath and picture the color orange in your mind. Orange represents your current emotional state. Slowly exhale, and center yourself emotionally.

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

solar plexus chakra

Take a slow, deep breath and as you fill your lungs, visualize the color yellow in your mind.

The color yellow represents your solar plexus chakra. When the solar plexus is balanced, it strengthens your self-esteem, increase self-awareness and confidence and improves self-discipline.


Green – Heart Chakra (Anahata)

heart chakra

Visualize the color green in your mind as you slowly inhale. As you draw in another deep breath, try to picture the most peaceful scene you can possibly imagine.

Perhaps this is a beautiful lake with white swans swimming gracefully, while the warm sun is just starting to set.

Green represents your inner peace, expressing what you feel in your heart.


Blue – Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

throat chakra

Visualize a beautiful, vibrant shade of turquoise blue. Begin inhaling slowly.

Blue soothes the soul and symbolizes self expression, truth and manifestation.


Indigo – Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Third Eye Chakra

Breath deeply, and take a slow inhale. As you inhale, visualize the color indigo.

The third eye chakra, represented by the color indigo, is your center of intuition, often referred to as your “sixth sense.”

Exhale slowly.

Violet – Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Crown chakra

Slowly begin to inhale. As you inhale, visualize the color violet.

Violet represents the crown chakra, and relates to spiritual awareness, higher consciousness and being at one with the world.

Exhale slowly. This is a place of true inspiration, and honest creativity.

Slowly release yourself as you continue breathing deeply. Start to notice a release of tension from your body and multiple levels of your mind.

At this time, you can begin to see the color of the rainbow in the opposite order as you rise from the depths of your mind and emotions.

Visualize each color and say the names in your mind as you travel up and out – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red – and release.

Slowly open your eyes. Your meditation is complete.

Rainbow Meditation Technique Guided Video

If you’d prefer to be lead in meditation, simply hit play on the guided rainbow meditation video below.

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