What Does it Mean When You See a Praying Mantis? Is it Good Luck?

The praying mantis is a fascinating insect with a lot of symbolism attached to it.

From its peculiar shape and unusual behavior to the folklore that surrounds it, this insect has been captivating people for centuries.

But what does the praying mantis represent? Is there any symbolism behind the praying mantis?

The truth is, there are many interpretations of the meaning of the praying mantis.

The praying mantis is a powerful symbol of patience, persistence, good fortune, and inner strength.

Learning about the symbolism behind this fascinating insect can help you understand more about yourself as well as how to deal with life’s challenges.

praying mantis on green bush

Praying Mantis Meaning

There are a variety of meanings associated with the praying mantis.

In Hindu culture, the praying mantis is seen as a symbol of patience and persistence, as these are both qualities needed for the praying mantis to catch its prey.

This spiritual meaning is shared by Buddhists who believe that if they are patient and able to live without giving in to temptation or anger, they will be rewarded with enlightenment at some point in their lifetimes.

The Ancient Greeks also placed strong spiritual meaning on the praying mantis, where it was believed to be a sign of happiness, good fortune, and impending marriage.

Seeing a praying mantis is also believed to symbolize protection from outside forces and can also represent creativity or a change in life direction.

Pay attention to whether you’re noticing other signs from the universe like seeing double numbers as this is a strong indicator of a message being delivered from the spiritual realm.

Is Finding a Praying Mantis Good Luck?

Finding a praying mantis has been a symbol of luck and protection for many centuries. It’s often believed to be a sign that you will be blessed with good fortune.

The origins of this belief can be traced back to Ancient Greece when it was believed that if you found a praying mantis on your doorstep it meant that you would get married within the year.

Seeing a praying mantis may be another sign from the universe that love is coming.

Praying Mantis Symbolism

In Greek, the word “mantis” means “prophet” or “seer”, indicating that the praying mantis has long been associated with the supernatural.

Besides being a symbol of good fortune and marriage, the Ancient Greeks also believed that the praying mantis could lead lost travelers home.

Praying Mantis Symbolism in Japan

In Japan, the praying mantis is seen as a symbol of courage and fearlessness.

The praying mantis is a fearless hunter that will take on creatures much larger than itself, so if you see praying mantis this could be a message of encouragement and a reminder to draw on your inner strength when faced with adversity.

Praying Mantis African Symbolism

Ç€kaggen is a folk hero of the Saan people of South Africa. He has the ability to shape-shift and usually takes the appearance of a praying mantis.

For this reason, the praying mantis is often regarded with reverence amongst the Saan people.

Praying Mantis Meaning in Islam

In Islam, the praying mantis is believed to be always facing Mecca and can help to lead pilgrims to the holy site.

The praying mantis is most commonly viewed as holding its front two legs together in prayer, however, it can also appear to be meditating.

By holding its front legs together, the praying mantis almost looks like it’s in Anjali mudra, one of the best hand positions for meditation.

Seeing a praying mantis may be a sign that you need to practice emotional self-care and meditation is a great way to do that.


The meaning of a praying mantis varies from culture to culture, however, the underlying message is very similar.

The praying mantis is a symbol of good fortune, persistence, and inner strength.

It’s a reminder to trust in yourself and be patient and persistent when it comes to manifesting your goals.

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