Necklace Clasp Backwards: Superstition or Omen

Do you sometimes notice that your necklace clasp is backwards? In other words, the front of your necklace is at the back of your neck and the clasp is facing forwards around the front of your neck?

Of course, if you’ve just been playing sport or perhaps woke up in the morning and your necklace was tangled, the reason is fairly obvious. But if you notice that your necklace clasp is backwards unexpectedly, you may be wondering if there’s another explanation…

Could A Backwards Necklace Clasp Have a Superstitious Meaning?

Superstition doesn’t have a singular definition (look it up in 5 dictionaries and you’ll find 5 different definitions!) Having said that, the general meaning of a superstition the belief that something happens/happened due to supernatural forces.

Essentially, if you believe in superstitions then you’re likely looking for a spiritual or supernatural reason why your necklace clasp is backwards!

And as it turns out, there is a common supernatural belief associated with this occurrence.

What Does it Mean When Your Necklace Clasp is Backwards?

When your necklace clasp is backwards (or facing the front of your neck) many people believe that it means someone is thinking of you.

It’s lovely thought and the truth is, there are probably people thinking of you quite frequently so there’s a good chance that someone is, in fact, thinking of you when your necklace clasp is back-to-front.

Some people believe that your it’s sign that your sweetheart is thinking of you. My Grandmother used to tell me this and reminded me to give the pendant on my necklace a little kiss to let them know that I’m thinking of them too – isn’t that such a sweet gesture?

If you don’t currently have a partner, this could be one of a number of love signs from the universe, letting you know that your true love may be entering your life soon!

Time to Make a Wish

Another superstition associated with your necklace clasp being backwards is that it’s the perfect time to make a wish. It’s thought that your guardian angels are especially receptive at this time so send up a wish to them and see what happens.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Gently hold your necklace clasp in one hand
  • In the other hand, gently hold your chain
  • Slide the clasp to the back of your neck, letting the chain slide through your other hand
  • While you’re doing this, close your eyes and silently make a wish
  • When your clasp is back in the correct position, open your eyes

There’s no guarantees that your wish will come true of course, but it’s definitely worth a shot. In fact, making a wish is similar to setting an intention for manifestation.

Of course, there’s a little more that goes into manifesting your desires (or wishes) than simply making a wish, but if you’d like to learn more about how manifestation works then click here to learn!

Necklace Clasp Backwards – Good Sign or Bad Omen?

Some superstitions, like seeing a black cat crossing the road, can have bad omens associated with them. Fortunately, your necklace clasp being the wrong way around isn’t associated with anything bad (except, of course, the possibility of your necklace breaking if it becomes too twisted!)

The two superstitious meanings are:

  • Someone (possibly your sweetheart) is thinking of you
  • It’s time to make a wish!

Personally, whenever I notice that my necklace clasp is backwards I think of both superstitions. I give my pendant a little kiss like my Grandmother taught me to let me sweetheart know I’m thinking about him too, and I make a little wish!

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