10 Manifestation Techniques That Actually Work

Every day, whether you realize it or not, you’re manifesting. It’s part of life! Our thoughts become reality, and we often don’t understand how small changes in our attitude could be the key to manifesting what we want effectively. 

If you constantly talk about how much you hate your job, it’s a pretty sure bet you’re going to start hating it even more. If you’re stressed and can’t stop thinking about not having enough money, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t be able to manifest more. 

Start with adopting a positive mindset and then channel that into these 10 manifestation techniques that actually work. 

Most valuable manifestation techniques: 

  • Gratitude.
  • Clear Intent.
  • Positive Affirmations.
  • Generosity.
  • Action.
  • Belief.
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The Best Manifestation Techniques to Try Today 

Give Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful manifestation exercises you can do, as it will raise your vibration. This will also bring your vibrations into alignment with the energy of the universe. In addition, focusing on the things you are grateful for helps you change your mindset to one of abundance, rather than lack.

By including gratitude in every part of your daily life, you’ll see how it transforms every aspect of your world. You’ll begin to notice that it’s easy to complain about things we don’t have, which creates a negative cycle that repeats itself. It can be more difficult to start focusing on gratitude, but the same thing will happen – as you focus on the things you’re grateful for you’ll start to attract more positive things into your life.

Take a moment, breathe deeply and list everything that you have to be grateful for. This could be your family members, your job—even if you don’t like what you do—or the air in your lungs. This will start to open you up to receiving. Every day add something new to your list. 

manifestation techniques gratitude journal

Be Clear About What You Want

Before you start your manifestation, be clear about what you want, why you want it, and when you want it. Think about how you’d feel when you have it and hold on to that feeling. Try to focus on your feelings rather than how the physical manifestation of your desires might look.

At this moment, you’re imagining that you’ve already got what you want now and not in the future. Be sure to think and feel only positive things when you’re doing this. When you’ve set your intention and you’re clear about what you want, release those intentions into the universe. 

The opportunities that you need, the people who can help you achieve your goals, and the resources will start to appear, so make sure you take action when they do.

Take Action

That leads us to the next – and most important – manifestation technique: action-taking. Words without actions are essentially meaningless. But the #1 reason people fail at manifesting their desires is that they don’t take action.

All of the conscious manifestation techniques on this list are powerful in their own right, but none of them will give you your desired result if you don’t take action.

If an opportunity presents itself to you, you need to take it. If opportunities aren’t appearing, go out and find them. It’s easy to think about what you want – it’s a lot harder going out and getting it. Make sure you’re always in a forward motion, taking action towards achieving your goals.


When you visualize, you’re not just using your ”mind’s eye”; you’re using all five senses as well as feeling it in your heart. You’re using the heart energy to bring what you want to life. 

Let’s say you want a new apartment. Lie on your bed, close your eyes and visualize everything about your new apartment. Think about how it smells. Maybe there’s a hint of vanilla. Feel the sheets beneath you, as you lie in your bed in your new apartment.

Feel the excitement and the happiness this brings to you. Imagine yourself running from room to room, looking at everything. Experience the moment while you visualize your new surroundings and hold onto how you feel, then release it to the universe.

When you do get your new apartment, it may not look exactly how you imagined. But think about how you feel in that moment, and you’ll remember feeling like that when you were visualizing this moment. 


You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Well, it’s the truth when using affirmations to manifest something. When you first begin with affirmations, you’ll need to change your mindset, as you may not feel that what you’re saying is true. 

But to change the external world around you, you need to change your internal world. You’ll have to let go of any self-doubt or negativity when using affirmations. Write some affirmations as if the goal has already been completed. For example: 

  • I’m so grateful that I had a fantastic day at work. 
  • I’m grateful that traffic was easy today. 

Affirmations can be as personal as you’d like or need them to be, but they must be positive at all times. They’ll help you change the “cant’s” to “can’s,” which will reframe your mind into being more positive, without fear or doubt. 

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Keep an Intention Journal

manifestation techniques - keep an intention journal

Keeping a journal of your intentions will help you become clearer about what you want, as well as helping you reflect and see what you’ve manifested already. Journaling will also help you match your energy vibration to what you want to attract and help you stay aligned with the universe. 

Writing will also help you to think, feel and act as if you’ve already received what you want. You need to be clear about what you write. It may be natural to write something like: 

  • I’ll get rid of my debt. 

But try to change it to something with a more positive feeling behind it, like: 

  • I’m financially abundant. 

Try and stay away from statements that may have negative connotations. Go for more positivity, like: 

  • I attract people who treat me well. 
  • I am joyful, healthy and have abundance. 

The Pillow Affirmation

Write your affirmations down on a piece of paper. The list can be as long as you want it to be. As you get into bed each night, put your list underneath your pillow and take a moment to think of the things you’re grateful for. 

This will help reframe your mind to a positive state and open you up to receiving. You’ll be aware of your affirmations under your pillow, but don’t allow yourself to get anxious over them. 

When you wake up, grab your list and read the affirmations. This will start your day off on a positive note and reinforce your intent. 

Create a Vision Board

A vision board is like a blank canvas, and you’re the artist. There are no limitations to what you can achieve or what you can have on your vision board. If you want to travel the world, find pictures of the places you want to see and imagine yourself there.

The vision board is a tool you can use to focus your energy on achieving your goals. If you want to have a successful business, then put pictures of successful people and businesses up. There’s no right way or wrong way of doing a vision board, and everyone’s will be different. 

Once you’ve got your vision board up where you can see it daily, you’ll be able to focus on what your life will become. This will also help you to raise your energy vibration and make you feel confident about yourself. Even more so when you start ticking off what you’ve done on your board! 

Practice Generosity

Being generous changes your mindset and opens you up to receiving. When you start practicing generosity in all forms, you’ll go from “self-help” to abundance. Be generous with your time and pay attention to the people you’re with. 

Volunteer at a local shelter or declutter your home and see if there’s a local school or charity that could use the things that you no longer need. Every time you’re generous, you’re moving away from “lack” and into abundance.  

When you’re being generous, you’re not giving away everything you own, but sharing what you can. The universe could be using you to help someone else, too! 


meditation manifestation techniques

Often, your mind will conjure up all the terrible outcomes of different situations. But, if we think about it, how many times has the situation been worse than what we imagined? Not often. 

Mindfulness brings us back to the here and now. It’s retraining our brains to stop thinking negatively about tomorrow or the week after. Have you ever noticed how when you worry about bills, more bills arrive?

Our thoughts and emotions do have power. Mindfulness will help release negative emotions and self-doubt and stop the cycle of lack so that we can move into abundance. 

You’ll find that you have more to be grateful for when you’re more mindful, which will lead to more abundance. 

Starting your day with a quick 5-minute morning meditation is a excellent way to practice mindfulness.


We’re constantly manifesting in our lives. It may not always the way we want to, but we are. We tend to complain and often think about things in a negative way. So when something does happen the way we imagined, this reinforces the belief. 

If you can change your mindset to a positive one, you’ll begin to manifest positive things. It’s not easy to be in a positive state consistently, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. 

What we think about we bring about. By making small changes every day to become more positive, you’ll start to notice how things around you change. 

Let Go of Doubt

When it comes to the best manifestation techniques, letting go of doubt can be one of the hardest steps in the process. It’s hard to have trust in a process when you haven’t seen the benefits yet. 

Manifestation techniques do work. They may not happen overnight, but neither does change. If you can let go of the doubt, negative feelings and thoughts quickly and shift into a positive state, you’ll manifest your goals quicker than you may think.  


What is the best manifestation technique?

The best manifestation technique is taking action, because nothing will change if you don’t change. Practicing gratitude, affirmations, scripting and meditation are all excellent manifestation techniques that complement the most important manifestation technique – action taking.

What is the secret to manifesting?

The secret to manifesting is being clear about exactly what you desire and taking action to achieve it. Taking action reaps rewards – there’s no magic bullet or secret manifestation technique that can change that.

How do you manifest instantly?

The best way to manifest instantly is to change your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance. Once you start recognizing and being grateful for the blessings you already have, you’ll start to attract more of the same.


Manifestation techniques use the rules of the law of attraction, which is that our belief—whether positive or negative—brings about our experiences in our own lives. 

Remember – every change you make in your life has a ripple effect. Focus your attention on what you want rather than what you lack and start taking action.

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