How Do You Make a Taurus Man Attracted To You?

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So you know a man’s star sign is a Taurus, i.e.he was born between April 20 and May 20.

Recently, you’ve been finding yourself interested in him and wondering how do you make a Taurus man attracted to you?

Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship with a Taurus man and he’s starting to show signs that he’s done with you and you want to win him back.

Taurus men are attracted to a partner who is most of all feminine; they want a partner who smells good, looks good, and has refined taste. If you’re going to gain your Taurus man’s attraction, you need to look and feel your best and start enjoying the finer things in life.

But is it really that simple?

Are superficial features like beauty the only way to attract a Taurus man?

The sign Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, known as the planet of love, so it’s understandable why you’d want to attract this sentimental and thoughtful man.

What additional measures could you take to make a Taurus man attracted to you?

The Simplest Way to Attract a Taurus Man

A Taurus man appreciates authenticity most of all.

He wants to know the unique and genuine you; however, this is the deeper side of his attraction.

The first thing that catches his attention is engaging his senses.

The easiest thing to do that will attract a Taurus man at the superficial level is to smell good and keep your scent familiar so that your Taurus man will recognize it and be reminded of you whenever he catches that aroma. 

Taking care of yourself and refining how you look but not being overly flashy is intriguing to a Taurus man. Looking after yourself is the basics of embracing your feminine energy.

The Feminine Energy That Will Attract a Taurus Man

Embracing your feminine energy will most certainly attract a Taurus man. As we already explored, smelling good and looking good are both effective ways to awaken the feminine energy which will capture your Taurus man’s attention.

Take time to look good and show him your refined taste. Dress alluring but classy, and you will surely get a Taurus man’s attention.

Your Taurus man will appreciate your honest and engaging sensual side.

To gently show affection in a physical way by caressing his arm when you talk to him and perhaps breathing gently in his neck when you hug him.

Finally, make sure to show him your kindness every chance that you can. Taurus men have a fear of being hurt, and they can be quite guarded with their stubborn hearts. When you can be kind to someone or something, do it and show this man that you will protect his heart.

What Sets a Partner Apart in Taurus Man’s Eyes?

A Taurus man appreciates beauty; however, he will also notice your practical side.

How you approach life as Taurus is a fixed earth sign, these men are attracted to stability and confidence. 

If you want to partner with a Taurus man, you should have a sense of confidence in yourself and your way of living while enjoying good music, food, and even sensible fashion.

Keeping within your means will also show your sensibility in a feminine and respectable way.

Another attractive trait for a Taurus man is a partner with ambition. A Taurus man appreciates a person who has dreams for their future and works towards them every day.

The key to attracting and keeping this man in your life is a little bit of patience, too. Keep showing him affection, and express your feminine sensuality with him.

How Do You Know When You Have Attracted a Taurus Man?

When you have the attention of a Taurus man, he will usually take things slow, savoring the moments with you.

He will concern himself with your daily activities to know more about your routines and your lifestyle. 

Showing him your routines and lifestyle is also about being your authentic self, showing him your confidence in your daily life and who you are. Try to have your life orderly and be practical about money and what you do with your time.

You will feel a Taurus man’s protective presence in your life if he is attracted to you.

Keep a Taurus man’s Attraction

You know your Taurus is attracted to you as you have shown him your genuine and authentic beauty and brought him into your life; you feel his attention and intentions.

The process of maintaining his attraction is similar to the initial engagement. 

A Taurus man can appreciate authenticity and the simple things in life. When you have shown your Taurus who you are and you feel his attraction, just keep being you.

It is essential to develop a routine together, as this will be the foundation for keeping your Taurus man attracted to you.

Stay patient regarding your connection, maintain routines, and establish traditions with a Taurus man, and you will build a long-term attraction with the stubborn bull who will want a life with you.


A Taurus man wants to enjoy life, the finer things, and the simple everyday things.

If he sees you as a partner with whom he can have a good time, someone who makes his life more manageable, and someone with whom he can celebrate life’s wins, you will easily make him attracted to you. 

You will get a Taurus man’s attraction by looking and feeling good in your authentic feminine energy.

Be patient and consistent with your routines and expectations as the reward of attracting the attention and affection of a Taurus man. You will feel his devotion and attraction as he will be affectionate towards you and always loyal. 

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