The Magician Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

Next in our series of Major Arcana tarot card meanings is The Magician. Keep reading to discover what it means when The Magician card appears in your reading.

Ruler: Mercury

The number one is the number of creation and individuality and this is what “The Magician” is about; the power to transform through the use of his will.

The Magician is the conduit of a higher power – he is also an illusionist. Like all illusionists he can create an illusion of reality by the use of the sleight of hand and tricks.

He is confident in the skills he has in order to bring forth the results he wants, however his real power comes from those sources outside of himself. Just like in a magic show there are people behind the scenes to make things happen.

I - The Magician - Major Arcana

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Magician Upright

When the Magician pops up it signifies an opportunity that may be about to present itself, assuming we can pull together all aspects in our life to make it happen. The Magician tells us that the more prepared we are for the change, the better the outcome will be.

Being organized, using creative action, self-discipline and a willingness to take risks can help us to master the material world.

A person who draws the Magician card has the gift of speech and an ability to sway and influence people. However, this person must recognize their potential and have the power to initiate things. They are witty and have very good communication abilities. This person can achieve anything they set out to do. 

Magician Reversed

When the Magician appears reversed this person is a bit of a perfectionist. They may appear outwardly to be able to handle any situation because they seem cool and calm; but inside they are indecisive and unprepared. They can use their gift of gab to manipulate and take advantage of people. It can also indicates someone who abuses their power and uses it for negative purposes. 

The Magician reversed can also indicate someone who is confused and unorganized. They do not make decisive choices and prefer to hesitate and procrastinate rather than make a decision

People who are represented by this card in this position are often lacking inspiration and energy. They may give up easily and have a poor self image.

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