The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

Next in our series of Major Arcana tarot card meanings in The Lovers. Keep reading to discover what it means when The Lovers card shows up in your tarot reading.

VI – The Lovers

Ruler: Gemini

You can see in this card two lovers standing in harmony, naked and with nothing to hide from one another. The picture itself in the card implies that someone has to make a decision to go for temptation or not.  They know that to have success in their lives together that they have to balance the subconscious with conscious desires. 

VI - The Lovers- Major Arcana

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Upright

When this card show up in a spread it tells us we have choices to make. It also tells us that we are human and struggle between sacred and promiscuous love. Because of these two things this card also represents the balance between our inner feelings and outer aspects of our lives.

The Lovers card is also the card of harmony and unions. It tells us to choose with our heart and not with our intellect.

The Lovers card can also represent difficult choices that are not related to love. When we see this card it may indicate a test that we are going through in a relationship, and that we may be considering our commitments.

The Lovers card can represent a struggle between two paths, abstract thought and harmony, internal harmony and union between two people as well as second sight.

The Lovers card indicates desire, a new lover, relationships, physical attraction, love, sex and commitment. This card is about duty versus our hearts desires and how the choices we make affects the rest of our lives.

It also speaks of taking a risk that would lead to fulfillment and your hearts desires instead of playing the easy and safe route in love.

The Lovers Reversed

When the Lovers card appears reversed it show us the possibility that a poor choice was made as well as fights and infidelity in a relationship.

The reversed Lovers is telling us we need to stabilize our emotions – it implies we need to get in touch with our rational selves not our carnal selves.

In the reversed position, the Lovers card suggests lust, moral collapse, temptation, indecision, separation, a failed love affair, emotional loss. When it appears reversed, the Lovers card can mean an unhappy love relationship and an inability to know what to do about it.

There may be contradiction, deception, duality and internal conflict. It indicates the person may b indecisive and postpones making decisions. It also warns that this is not the time to make final decisions on an important matter. The Lovers card reversed can also indicate that you’re not following your own moral guidelines.

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