What Does It Mean When You See a Lizard In Your House? [Spiritual Meaning]

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It is not unusual to spot small animals in your house, making their homes in the shelter and safety of yours.

These small creatures often stay out of your way, and you can enjoy a symbiotic relationship.

I always loved looking up at a wall and seeing a little lizard friend going about its day.

But what does it mean when you see a lizard in your house? A lizard in your house is believed to represent an old friend or acquaintance, their presence being a sign of good luck and abundance.

Lizards are revered symbols of rebirth and regeneration, hinting towards adaptability and change – usually for the better. 

While seeing a lizard in your house already carries a meaning, the specific movements a lizard makes can tell you more about the message they are trying to send.

Whether they fall, jump or run away is enough to determine the sign being sent to you.

Moreover, there are dozens of interpretations of lizards and their symbolism which differ throughout different cultures. 

lizard in house meaning

What Does It Mean When You See A Lizard In Your House?

Lizards are largely a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, and regeneration.

These interpretations come from their ability to molt – shed their skin – and to regrow their tails.

A lizard’s good luck comes from their sneaky abilities since they are often hiding and out of sight; seeing one is thought of as a clear sign of the fortune to come.

However, a lizard scurrying away may be a sign for you to flee trouble as well.

But a lizard does not always appear with a message of positivity; it may symbolize a need to put your ego in check and instead follow your heart.

This may be difficult as one’s ego is deceptive, and you need to peel it back to uncover the truth carefully.

The Significance Of A Lizard In Your House

The meaning of a lizard in your house differs depending on the specific circumstances when you spot it.

A lizard on your right arm suggests elevation in society or a sensual adventure, and on your left arm, it means the loss of money.

Further, a lizard on your right shoulder signals a victory, and one on your left shoulder is a sign of peace and happiness. 

Meanwhile, a lizard on your thighs is another symbol of positivity. Though, a lizard on your knees indicates imprisonment.

But the meanings of lizards on specific body parts vary depending on where you are in the world.

Many believe that a lizard falling on your head is good luck, but others believe it brings ill luck or even death.

There are also specific sides of men and women that lizards may fall on which are considered lucky.

Falling on the left side of a woman or the right side of a man is deemed auspicious.

Additionally, the clucking sounds of lizards and seeing a baby lizard are two more signs of luck and good fortune.

Seeing a lizard in your bed is yet another auspicious omen of good fortune. 

Though, the arguably best lizard-related charm there is seeing a lizard with two tails.

This sighting is thought to bring an abundance of luck and goodwill to a home, blessing the person who finds it.

green lizard in house on fly screen

Lizards In Cultures Throughout History

Lizards represent many things to many cultures and religions, making their symbolism diverse, complex, and intricate.

Generally, lizards hold a similar status to snakes due to the recognized familiarity between the two creatures. 

  • Celtic – Celtics believe lizards to be symbols of wisdom, agility, and conservation. They were also sacred to dreaming. A Celtic superstition is that a lizard in the house means there will be a lack of sleep.
  • Middle Eastern and African – Most of these cultures saw lizards as good, lizards becoming symbols of the success of the human race, splitting the race into genders, and being responsible for artistic expression.
  • Native American – In Native American culture, the symbolism of a lizard is linked to strength, and ‘lizard medicine’ was used to cure illnesses. Lizards represent changes, cycles, duality, and mystery, their icons standing for psychic ability, intuition, and sensitivity.
  • Eastern – In Eastern cultures, any reptile symbolism was directly linked to dragon symbolism. They often prayed and performed rainmaking rituals to lizard rain deities. Lizards also symbolize love.
  • Hindu – In Hinduism, a black lizard’s chirping or clucking sounds are holy, wealthy, auspicious, and abundant.
  • Christianity – In the Bible, lizards in your dreams suggest something unclean and unholy. Lizards were associated with the devil, and their intelligence was often referred to as dangerous.

Lizard Mythology And Folklore

Lizards in mythology date back thousands of years. They were largely linked and related to dragons in Eastern, Celtic, and other cultures.

Thus, lizards were seen as non-threatening beings, symbolizing wealth, nobility, and good fortune.

Egyptians would preserve lizards in mummies, some even carrying lizard charms in boxes for luck.

Furthermore, Romans depicted Mercury – or Hermes in Greek – in chariots pulled by lizards.

Aboriginal Australian tribes believed lizard totems would gift them supernatural powers.

And in Zulu mythology, a lizard or chameleon would carry the message of eternal life to humans.

Others looked to lizards as healing spirits that brought the medicine of strength. 

Is Seeing A Lizard In Your House A Message Or A Coincidence?

Not everything you see is a message; sometimes, it’s a random occurrence or a pure coincidence.

This is why it is important to pay attention to whether you’re seeing other signs from the universe, like the appearance of angel numbers.

Often, the universe sends us multiple signs or messages because we fail to recognize them straight away.

It may be difficult when you are new to reading these situations; rely on your intuition to make the final call.

Final Thoughts

Seeing a lizard in your house is a good omen – whether it points to prosperity, luck, or a rebirth depends on the specifics of the sighting and which message makes the most sense in your current life.

Additionally, a lizard in your home could represent an old friend, reminding you of their spirit. 

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