Justice Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The next card in our series on Major Arcana tarot card meanings is Justice. Keep reading to learn what it means when Justice shows up in your tarot spread.

XI – Justice

Ruler: Libra

The Justice card shows the sword and the balance scales being held by a person of royalty. This is a card of Justice and a reminder that Justice is served through law and order as represented by a sword. Balance is needed to serve justice, for when there is no balance injustice is in full swing.

XI - Justice - Major Arcana

Justice Upright

When Justice shows up that’s exactly what it indicates – that justice will be served. It can also represent that the person is fair or a fair decision will be made on behalf of the person or situation. It implies balance and equilibrium.

Justice is a omen of good luck in relation to partnerships, businesses and legal dealings. The Justice card can also signify the righting of a wrong that was done to you in the past or in your seeking justice for another. The Justice card is also a karmic card because those that do wrong are avenged by justice.

The Justice card is a card of rewards for past efforts. In some cases the person may not even know why they are being favored which is also a form of karma. When it shows up in a spread Justice can imply arbitration, fairness and responsibility.

Depending on one’s situation it can indicate amicable and favorable resolution of conflicts. Justice is a card representing triumph over bigotry and prejudice.

When this card shows up in a spread it can also mean legal action, litigation, contracts, settlements, divorce, and sometimes even marriage depending on the surrounding cards. It is a card of clarity and a straightforward choice. 

Justice Reversed

When Justice is reversed it represents injustice. It can also denote a floundering business and legal decisions that will not go your way even if you are morally right.

It can also mean you are giving or receiving bad advice that will result in a bad judgment. The Justice card reversed can indicate prejudice, bias and inequality and delays, imbalance or an unfair judgement.There can be complicated negotiations taking place as well as confusion surrounding a legal matter or tax affair. 

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