Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

The next card in our Major Arcana tarot card meaning series is Judgement. Keep reading to discover what it means when Judgement shows up in your tarot spread.

XX – Judgement

Ruler: Fire and Pluto

XX - Judgement - Major Arcana

Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

This card is one of ultimate justice as in the sentence of Judgement. It is one of Karma being judged by a higher power which sentences our fates. This card reminds us that what we reap is what we will sow.

Judgement Upright

The Judgement card tells us that all our hard efforts will finally be rewarded. It says we should take stock and heed of our lives up to this point.

When this card appears it is signaling you take into consideration a brand new phase of your life. It implies if one has had bad health that recovery is now in effect and also gives the person a new lease on life.

The Judgement card brings with it an opportunity that you must accept; it may come in the form of a decision or project but it should not be ignored because it will change your life.

When we see the Judgement card in a spread it means things in our life will start speeding up now. It denotes a rebirth, a time to rejoice, new potential and rewards for the past hard efforts.

It is a card of change and improvement. It also implies a satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life. When we see this card it is telling us that we will experience joy in our accomplishments.

Depending on where it is in the spread, it tells of awakening. When we see this card it means that it is a good time for career moves. It indicates we are in a period of mental clarity. It can also mean that an important decision that was pending will change our life for the better. 

Judgement Reversed

The first thing we know when we see the Judgement card reversed is there is stagnation around us. Depending where the reversed Judgement card shows up in a spread can imply the person has fear of change.

In relation to the other cards it can also mean fear of almost everything in this person’s life.  It also tells us that there is lack of progress in this person’s life due to a lack of important decision making on their part.

One can also experience temporary loss or separation when Judgement is reversed.

Guilt also is implied when the Judgment card is reversed. There is a sense of self reproach with this person and obstinacy. Judgement in reverse warns about self doubt and guilt over past mistakes which blur’s one’s way forward. 

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