How to Surrender to the Universe (& Trust That It Has Your Back)

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You’ve been working hard towards your goals, repeating affirmations and practicing LOA scripting for a while. But you’re not seeing the results you want.

You’re struggling to let go of control to allow the universe to do its part. How can you surrender to the universe and trust that it will have your back?

When you know that there’s a force more significant than you in the world, you’ll eliminate worry from your life and find peace. You can learn how to give up control to a higher force. You just need to practice.

Here are 12 ways to surrender to the universe.

  • Believe.
  • Let love be your guiding principle.
  • Find beauty around you.
  • Listen to your thoughts.
  • Make peace with the past.
  • Understand that things are never perfect.
  • Notice the signals.
  • Act on your passion.
  • Rethink your goals.
  • Don’t overthink the future. 
  • Practice uniting your mind and body.
  • Surround yourself with positivity.

1. Believe 

You’re working to improve yourself in all aspects of your life. You know you’re striving to be a better, more complete human being. Now you need to believe that it will bear fruit. This means trusting both yourself and the universe. 

If you’re not entirely convinced that things will happen when they need to, you won’t be able to let go. You’ll be nervous and worried about whether the universe will give you what you desire. But that energy will only drive you further away from your goals.

The law of attraction works when you believe in it, and that means you need to detach from the outcome. What you desire will become your reality – you just need to surrender to the universe.

2. Let Love Be Your Guiding Principle

love animals

Make sure you’re working towards the right goals by keeping love in your heart. Whatever it is you manifest, ask yourself what is guiding you and if it’s coming from the right place.

The universe will not reward selfishness with peace. If your goals are harmful to others, you’ll eventually bring unhappiness to yourself.

Try to only perform acts of kindness to the people you’re in contact with. Think before you act and respond to negative energy with peace and understanding. We’re all on this planet for a reason, and we all have our struggles. Let love guide you, and you’ll receive love.

3. Find Beauty Around You

birds in pink sky

To really surrender to the universe, you need to see the beauty in everything the universe has provided. Enjoy everything around you. Remain curious about every glimpse of love and hope you see. Don’t envy other people’s happiness but instead believe it’s coming for you too. Enjoy nature, have a good laugh with friends, spend time with your children or parents and learn from them.

This will bring peace to your heart and help you remain patient. You no longer think from a position of need or concern, when you’re focused on the beauty around you. You already have everything you need.

When you see the good around you, you’re also surrounding yourself with high-frequency positive energy. It will increase your capacity to attract more in abundance.

4. Listen to Your Thoughts

Happiness comes from acceptance. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for great things in life and aim to improve. You do need to accept reality and see its positive side, and not give in to the negative.

Pay attention to how you speak to yourself and others about the things going on in your life. How do you deal with rejection or friction? Do you speak or gossip endlessly about others?

It’s normal for us humans to process things by talking to other people when we’re going through difficult situations. But while you may think you’re getting rid of negativity this way, you’re only releasing it into the universe and inviting more negativity to yourself.

Do your best to concentrate on the positive, and understand other people’s motivations. If you need to vent something bad, even in your own mind, keep it short and don’t dwell on it.

5. Make Peace With the Past


Don’t give your past any more of your time. If you have bad memories of someone, thinking about them will only surround you with more negativity. You’re living in this moment now, and nothing you can do can take you back and change things.

The people who did you wrong don’t deserve any attention from you. Wish them well on their journey towards being better. You’re on your own journey, and you’ll only accept the best from now on.

If you’ve done wrong to someone, make amends as best as you can. Be honest and accept your responsibility, and then leave your guilt behind. You can only strive to be better from now on.

When you can truly live in the moment, you’ll be able to surrender to the universe. Everything that happened led you to this moment, to your spiritual awakening.

6. Understand That Things Are Never Perfect

Happiness is never a permanent state of everything going well in your life. It’s a constant effort to see the good in everything and being at peace with the universe’s guidance. It’s acknowledging and letting go of the fear that life may change for the worse.

Things will never be perfect, so take joy in doing your best to work toward your goals. You’re here for the journey, not the destination.

7. Notice the Signals

When your heart is open, you’ll start noticing little blessings and signals all around you. Do you keep seeing the same number sequence, like 777? Is a specific, empowering song suddenly following you everywhere you go?

Most people don’t pay attention to the universe’s little hints, but they’re in your life for a reason. These signs mean the universe is acknowledging your effort and encouraging you to trust it and move forward on your spiritual journey.

8. Act on Your Passion

painting leaves

Do what makes you happy. Find your passion and your purpose, even if you don’t know what it is yet. There is something in the world that will fill you with joy every time you do it.

If you don’t know what your passion is yet, try everything. You may find it in helping others by volunteering at a homeless shelter. Perhaps your “happy place” is traveling, painting, meditation, or spreading your message to the world by starting your own blog. Whatever it is, do what feels right to you.

When you’re happy with what you do, you’ll radiate that enthusiasm to the world and attract positivity like a magnet. You’ll also be able to let go of your desires and let the universe take the wheel.

9. Rethink Your Goals

Goals give us a clear vision of what we want in our lives, so we can build a roadmap to achieve those things. They’re great for getting our lives back together when we feel a bit lost. However, goals can become a problem if you’re not able to let go and surrender to the universe.

Are you feeling like you’re in an eternal rat race trying to pursue one target after another? Do you have trouble getting where you want to be? It might be you’re focusing too much on wanting and not leaving space for the universe to work its magic.

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you let go of your pursuit, you’ll notice things start happening. Just take it easy for a while and live in the moment. Everything will happen when it’s right.

10. Don’t Overthink the Future

Don’t imagine the outcomes of different situations before they happen. We often like to prepare for the possibility of things going wrong by thinking about all the negative scenarios that can occur. It seems less demanding to write this mental movie, so we know what to expect if things don’t go as planned.

If you think about everything that could go wrong, you’ll only focus your energy on them and invite negative energy to yourself. That makes it far more likely for something to go wrong, and later you’ll think you were right about preparing for the worst.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When you surrender to the universe, you allow the universe to guide you and you allow for one of the other infinite possibilities to take place. Remain optimistic, and it will likely be a positive one.

Don’t think about the future, or when you’ll have the things you desire. Think about having the blessing of the universe in you already. Try to envision it from a place of abundance, not of lack, and let life unfold before you.

11. Practice Oneness

meditating on the beach

It’s not easy to surrender to the universe, but it’s definitely something you can learn. You’ll feel a stronger connection to the energy surrounding you when you practice becoming one in mind, body, and spirit. This will help you let go of impatient and anxious thoughts.

Ways for building this connection include:

  • Affirmations. 
  • Scripting.
  • Meditation.


Developing affirmations of letting go also allows you to refocus whenever you’re feeling lost. Repeating them when you’re feeling anxious helps you connect immediately with your purpose.

Try these or modify them to make your own: 

  • Everything happens when it’s time.
  • The universe knows where I need to be.
  • Things will work out when I surrender and let go.
  • I am surrounded by love and positivity.


Law of attraction scripting, especially when done every day, helps with anxiety and impatience. Putting your desires on paper and keeping a mindset of abundance reminds you of everything you already have.

What’s key is to remain grateful and keep your scripting in the present tense. Don’t think about what you need or want, but instead thank the higher powers for all the gifts they have given you. This will provide you with the inner peace you need to surrender to the universe.


There is probably no better way to connect with your body and the universe than meditating. It relieves stress and anxiety and allows you to let go of unproductive thoughts. You might also notice that a regular meditation practice helps you concentrate better on work.

Meditation is about giving yourself space every day for unwinding, listening to your body, and feeling the energy flow through you. It helps you understand your place in the universe and keeps you connected in mind, body, and spirit.

If it seems difficult at first, just try meditating for a couple of minutes. Focus on your breathing technique and try to feel the connection with each body part. You’ll soon get better, but it’s not a race. Just do what you can.

For some people, imagining themselves in their ideal place can be helpful to start meditating. You can also try a guided meditation video, app, or class. 

12. Surround Yourself With Positivity

painted rocks with positive messages

You should attract the people who are on your positive vibrational frequency. Surround yourself with those people, because they are there for a reason. They’re the ones that will help you on your spiritual path. 

Only ask advice from people who focus on the positive, and don’t follow the people who don’t. Your energy may help put them on their own spiritual path, but you can’t make decisions for others.

Everyone has a different timeline and trusting the universe also means allowing others to do their own work.

Whatever happens with those people was meant to be. You’re being guided to a life of abundance and joy, whether you can see it at the moment or not. You’ll see that those relationships, whether they’re your friends, family, or a life partner, took you closer to the life you wanted.

The Universe Has Your Back

When you surrender to the universe, it means detaching from the outcome of things happening in your life. It denotes giving up control, accepting whatever may come, and leaving behind all worry about where you’re heading. 

It’s difficult to let go, but you need to surrender your thoughts to leave space for the universe to do its magic. You can still strive to be better, but you need to accept the present to find joy and gratitude in what you have.

Whatever happens, spread love, and the universe will have your back.

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