How to Meditate When You Can’t Sit Still – 6 Strategies That Work

Do you want to meditate, but have trouble sitting still? Feel like you’re constantly fidgeting and can’t stop your mind from racing?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are many people who want answers to the question – “how to meditate when you can’t sit still?”

It can be very frustrating when all you want to do is try to quiet your mind but you feel like your body is refusing to cooperate.

The good news is, you can still enjoy the mental and physical benefits of meditation even if you can’t sit still or feel fidgety or stiff. Start with these proven strategies that will help you feel calmer and more at ease during your meditation session.

How to Meditate When You Can’t Sit Still

Let’s start with the positives, because every cloud has a silver lining, right? There are studies that show that being fidgety has it’s advantages, including burning more calories, lowering your risk of death and protecting your arteries.

On the other hand, constant fidgeting while you’re trying to meditate can be distracting and make it difficult to still your mind, so let’s look at some techniques that will teach you how to meditate when you can’t sit still.

#1 – Prepare Yourself

Before you sit down to meditate, prepare yourself. It can be a struggle when you switch gears too quickly from rushing around to sitting still, so try to smooth out the transition.

Try to spend a little time before your session practicing deep breathing, journaling, reading, eating dinner or doing any quiet activity you find soothing and uplifting.

#2 – Remember Your Purpose

Fidgeting and being unable to sit still can often indicate boredom or lack of engagement. If you find yourself feeling bored or unengaged, remember your purpose – your “why” for meditating.

What are you hoping to gain from meditating? Remember that when your mind starts to wander.

#3 – Experiment With Your Hands

There are a number of different hand positions for meditation, known as “mudras”, a Sanskrit word meaning “gesture,” seal,” or “mark.”

Different mudras can help to direct the flow of energy through your body and encourage stillness. Experiment with different hand positions while meditating to discover what feels good for you.

Click here for 5 mudras for meditation.

#4 – Hold Something

Similarly, holding something with your hands, like a set of mala beads, can help you fidget less.

Fidgeting can also be associated with nervousness, which is especially troublesome if your meditation sessions sometimes brings up confronting emotions.

Sitting with your back resting lightly against a wall or your feet touching a pillow can help to provide a sense of security and reassurance.

#5 – Keep Practicing

Meditating is a skill – you can expect to sit down and immediately meditate for a solid hour without fidgeting or having your mind wander.

Keep practicing – each time you manage to overcome your jitters and meditate for even one minute longer that the previous time, you’re training yourself to make positive changes.

#6 – Respect Your Limits

Likewise, it’s important that you know and respect your limits. If you try to do too much too soon, you’re bound to find yourself squirming, fidgeting and unable to sit still.

The benefits of meditation aren’t reserved exclusively for hours long sessions – even a brief, 5 minute meditation session can help to calm your mind and provide a whole host of benefits.

In Summary

If you’re the type of person who can’t sit still and feel like meditation might not be possible for you, try the 6 strategies listed above. Eventually, you’ll find yourself able to calm both your body, and your mind and start reaping the benefits of meditation.

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How to Meditate When You Can't Sit Still

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  1. I love how you focus on small, easy accomplishable tips for how to meditate better. Meditating takes practice and commitment. Starting with a five minute session, holding something comfortable, and working on breathing can make a word of difference. –Ryan


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