How to Make a Leo Man Attracted To You

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Leo men are notorious for being hopeless romantics with a flair for the dramatic arts.

They love using grand romantic gestures to express their feelings. It can be challenging to get a Leo man to settle down and commit, but it’s not impossible.

You just need to know how to properly tame one of these “white lions.” So how do you attract a Leo man?

To attract a Leo man, you need to be aware of their personality traits and characteristics, consider what they are like in a relationship, and test the compatibility of your zodiac signs.

Your first date is significant, and you need to understand the messages behind their romantic gestures.

You know how you feel about him, but now you need to know how he feels about you.

Check out this information to learn how to make a Leo fall head over heels for you.

How to make a Leo man attracted to you

What Attracts Leo Men?

Leo men are attracted to influential, confident people.

They need someone to balance them out without having values that are too different from their own.

Good Relationships With Friends And Family

They look for people who enjoy being in groups since they are very sociable and enjoy visiting with friends and family.

For this reason, it is always essential to have good relationships with a Leo man’s family.

Expressing Clear Interest In Leo Men

Since these men are confident and have large egos, they need you to express a clear interest in them, or they won’t catch the hint or even notice that you have feelings for them.

Leo Men Love Good Style And Status

Leos are immediately attracted to well-dressed, hygienic people. They do not appreciate people who don’t put any care or thought into their appearance when they go out. 

In addition to this, they need someone as confident and vibrant as them, especially in public.

Leo Men Crave Affection

Since Leo men crave a lot of positive attention, they enjoy it when people give them affection and need it in substantial doses.

This is not a bad thing, and it is sweet to see a Leo committed to loving their partner so fiercely and having that love returned with just as much force.

Their love languages tend to be physical touch and words of affirmation. This means that they naturally crave intimacy and closeness in a relationship. 

Leo Men Appreciate An Easy-going Personality

Leos love confidence and power (they’re one of the most powerful zodiac signs), but they also need someone to balance their strong personality by being easy-going and laidback. 

They enjoy the contrast of your personality against theirs in this regard.

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Characteristics Of Leo Men In A Relationship

Leo men have many desirable characteristics that make them good partners.

However, this is not to say that they don’t have flaws. Everyone has a few flaws, including Leo men.

They’re Sociable 

Leo men are the life and soul of a party.

Their love for being the center of attention means that they are usually highly social and charismatic men, which is what attracts people to them.

leo man at party

They’re Confident

You’ll find that Leo men know their way to a person’s heart, and they use their large egos and confidence to make sure they get what they want. 

They Can Be Egotistical

Although they can be egotistical, opinionated, and stubborn, Leo men are committed and loyal, especially in long-term romantic relationships.

But it takes a lot to hold a Leo man down, as they struggle to commit initially.

They Are Extremely Affectionate

There is no shortage of affection from these joyful individuals.

You will see that they are always looking for reassurance, cuddles, kisses, and a passionate sex life

While they do demand a lot of attention, they return the same affection and love to their partners. 

You will never feel unloved by a Leo man.

They Value Kindness and Generosity

Despite coming off as egotistical, Leo men have big hearts, and when they love and care for someone, they will go out of their way to express kindness, patience, and love towards the person.

Best Matches For Leo Men

Any relationship can be beautiful and healthy, despite the compatibility of your zodiac signs.

It may be a little bit harder, but it can work.

However, a few signs match well with Leo men and make for an especially easy, loving relationship.

1. Leo + Aries: Best Match

Both Leo and Aries are fire signs, and their mix of great passion and high performance makes them a winning combination. 

These two fearless individuals form a formidable team, balancing a wide range of duties and interests.

They work well together, and they will be the couple that you always see holding hands, and expressing public displays of affection. 

However, because both signs need attention, it’s critical that they work together to celebrate each other’s unique triumphs rather than competing.

2. Leo + Gemini

Relationships between Leos and Geminis are considered to be intense and passionate. 

Although this may seem like a highly unlikely pairing, their contrasting personalities make them a perfect match.

Both signs value passion and enthusiasm from the people they care about.

They are both opinionated and strong-willed. They are also quite extroverted and like trying new things. 

Geminis are known for their aversion to commitment, but if they meet the perfect Leo, they’ll be prepared to settle down. 

Leos might dislike Gemini’s at first, but they will learn to love them with time and patience, and once they fall in love, there’s no doubt in their mind about the relationship.

3. Leo + Saggitarius

This couple is on fire (literally, they are both fire signs). 

They infuse relationships with so much passion and intensity that they frequently overcome Sagittarius’s aversion to commitment. 

Both signs are trustworthy and compassionate, and if Leo becomes too overbearing, Sagittarius will go out on their own for a time until they reunite and reignite the fire.

4. Leo + Libra

Despite having little in common on the surface, these two signs complement each other. 

Libras like Leos’ self-assurance and honesty, while Leos admire Libras’ style and charisma. 

This couple is frequently the life of the party and likes being in the midst of social situations together. 

Libra’s air type and Leo’s fire type combine to form passionate partnerships in which both partners strive to make the other happy.

Your First Date With A Leo Man

Leo men hate ordinary, monotonous activities and crave more uniqueness and adventure. So try to avoid offering to go on a coffee date. 

Let him take you out to that crazy bar down the road, on a hot air balloon ride, or even skydiving. 

He will be attracted to your sense of adventure and free spirit.

Remember how I said Leo men are dramatic? Expect this to play a huge role during your date. 

He might arrive with a poem to recite, bright, vibrant flowers, or a song to serenade you with. 

Just don’t confuse huge romantic gestures with pledges of commitment—Leos are prepared to commit, but they need to get to know and trust you first.

Final Thoughts

Leos may appear to be self-assured, but they’re somewhat vulnerable behind their tough exterior.

Even if your sign isn’t one of the most compatible with Leo males, it doesn’t mean the two can’t get along.

Humoring him, whether it’s with his need to be first or with his corny, romantic ways of acting around you, goes a long way.

Yes, he has a large ego, but he also has the biggest heart. 

They need someone to love them with as much love as they express to everyone around them.  Now go out there and get your man!

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