When a Taurus Man is Done With You – 10 Signs It’s Over

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Are you currently dating a Taurus man who’s been acting strange lately?

Perhaps you’re starting to second guess whether he wants to be in a relationship with you or not?

If you’re nodding your head in agreement then keep reading to discover 10 things that happen when a Taurus man is done with you.

Getting over a breakup is hard, regardless of the circumstances.

But there’s one thing that makes a breakup even harder to deal with – when it comes completely out of left field.

That’s why looking for the signs that your Taurus man is done with the relationship can help prepare you for the inevitable breakup.

Taurus men are known for their practical and stubborn nature, even when they’re in a happy relationship (this is why they’re one of the worst signs to date if you’re an imaginative, adventurous Aquarius!)

Because of their stubborn nature, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if a Taurus man wants to break up because he’s stubborn even at the best of times.

Fortunately, there are several other signs to look out for that can help you indicate if the relationship is on its last legs.

10 Signs a Taurus Man is Done With You

  • He’s not willing to compromise
  • He’s impatient all the time
  • He’s possessive
  • You can no longer depend on him
  • He’s not dedicated anymore
  • He’s not determined to fix things
  • He’s never romantic
  • He’s dishonest
  • He’s tight with money
  • He expects perfection

Have you been noticing these signs? If so, there’s a good chance that your Taurus man is almost done with the relationship.

But most often, the reason your relationship is crumbling is because of what is called a “Communication Gap“, which is the key to a successful relationship and the key to winning your man’s heart back (if that’s what you want.) 

I learned this from relationship expert Brad Browning – he’s helped thousands of women get their ex back and fix their crumbling relationship. 

He has a free quiz you can take to see if the communication gap is negatively influencing your relationship which I recommend you take. Here’s the link to the quiz.

1. Not Willing to Compromise

As we’ve discussed above, Taurus men are stubborn by virtue of their zodiac sign.

However, when a Taurus man is happy in his relationship he’s willing to compromise and let go of some of his stubbornness if it makes his significant other happy.

How to know when a Taurus man is done with you – he’s no longer willing to compromise on anything!

It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t care about you at all anymore – it generally points to the fact that he no longer wants to be in a romantic relationship anymore and as such, his number one priority is what makes HIM happy, not someone else.

2. Impatient

One of the most positive traits for people who fall under the Taurus zodiac is their patience – they’ve been said to have the patience of a saint.

Because Taurus men are generally very patient, if your Taurus man is exhibiting impatience with you then this is a definite red flag.

3. Possessive

One of the negative traits of Taurus men is that they are often possessive.

However, when a Taurus man truly loves his partner he knows that it’s important to let people have their own freedom and space – being possessive is a huge turn-off for most people.

On the flip side, when a Taurus man no longer respects his partner, he can have a tendency to become possessive.

If this is the case, it’s better that you consider ending the relationship.

4. Not Dependable

If you’re currently dating a Taurus man it’ll come as no surprise to you that Taurus men are known to be dependable in all aspects of their lives, including in their romantic relationships.

This dependability is probably one of the things that you love the most about your Taurus man, which is why, when he stops being dependable it’s very noticeable.

Your Taurus man going from dependable and stable to undependable and unstable – consistently standing you up, not responding to text messages, not returning your calls, etc. – can be a red flag that he wants to end the relationship.

5. No Longer Dedicated

Taurus men are dedicated to the causes they believe in to the point where it’s difficult – if not impossible – to change their minds.

When a Taurean man is happy and satisfied with his relationship, his dedication to the relationship and his partner are second-to-none.

However, when a Taurus man is done with you, he no longer shows that same dedication.

You’ll start to notice that other things become more important to him – friends, hobbies, video games – and you start to feel like you have to fight for his attention.

6. Not Determined to Fix Things

No relationship is perfect and if you’ve been with a Taurus man for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced his determination to make things right when you’re having problems.

Want to know how to know when a Taurus man is done with you – he no longer has this determination to fix things.

The relationship is not his priority anymore, he has no reason to mend things between you or to work on making your relationship stronger.

7. Not Romantic

Not all Taurus men are romantic, but many of them are.

If your Taurus man used to be the romantic type and that romanticism has disappeared completely, then that’s one of the best ways how to know when a Taurus man is done with you.

He’s no longer willing to put in the effort to woo you, and that’s a big indicator that your Taurus man is done with you.

8. Dishonest

Taureans are known for their honesty.

In fact, sometimes Taureans are honest to a fault – they’ll tell you the truth even if it may hurt your feelings (so don’t go asking a Taurus their opinion on something unless you truly want to hear it!)

Because Taureans value honesty so much, if you notice your Taurus man is being dishonest this can be a huge red flag that he’s done with you.

Because it’s not in a Taureans nature to be dishonest, the fact that they’ve started telling lies (even small, white lies) means that there’s something big going on, and it’s definitely worth investigating.

9. Tight With Money

Taurus men have a tendency to like the finer things in life and when they’re in a happy relationship, they’re more than willing to spoil their significant other with expensive weekends away, fancy dinners, and extravagant gifts, assuming their finances allow such things.

If you’ve been used to your man spoiling you and that seems to have dried up, this is a common sign that he’s done with the relationship.

Why spend so much money on someone with whom he doesn’t see a future?

10. Expects Perfection From You

Taureans are perfectionists by nature, and that’s fine if your man expects perfection from himself.

But it’s when he starts expecting perfection from you and not accepting your faults (and we all have them!) that you can consider that a sign that he’s done with you.

The things he used to find cute and endearing, like you forgetting to take the trash out, for example, are now things he finds annoying because they indicate to him that you’re not “perfect.”

If that’s the case, the relationship is likely going nowhere fast.

If you want to win back your Taurus man’s heart, then Brad Browning (the relationship expert I wrote about earlier) also has a free video you can watch that explains more about how to get entangled in your man’s mind.

Here’s the link again to the free video.

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When a Taurus Man is Done With You - 10 Signs He's Over You

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