The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed

Next in our series of Major Arcana tarot card meanings is The Hierophant. Keep reading to discover what it means when The Hierophant shows up in your tarot card reading.

V – The Hierophant

Ruler: Taurus

In some tarot decks the Hierophant is represented by the Pope – this is because this card represents the ruling power of religion and faith. It symbolizes the orthodox teachings that are palatable to the masses. This is in contrast to the High Priestess who only teaches those secretly who are initiated to her mysteries. 

V - The Hierophant - Major Arcana

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

The Hierophant Upright

When this card turns up in a reading it indicates the person has a preference for a routine of ritual and ceremony. It represents spiritual power through an establishment.  This is a card that symbolizes the church or a group belief system. It can also represent consensus of politics or public opinion.

The Hierophant card indicates a person who accepts authority. It’s a card of conformity, safety in numbers and social pressure. It also suggests the person needs approval from others.

This card is showing the importance of conformity and may also suggest the person has a strong desire for approval from others.

The Hierophant also represents formal education. This person is a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. They either give or get good sound advice. This person can be good at teaching and an excellent counselor.

This also represents marriage and partnerships that are bound by morality. The Hierophant is about a world with law and order. For them the innocent citizen needs to carry identity cards. They prefer a sense of security at the expense of complete freedom.

Depending on the Hierophants position or aspect in a spread it can represent a good and secure reputation in society. It can also mean that this person has the ability to subvert and escape authority.

The Hierophant Reversed

If the Hierophant shows up in reverse it represents a person who is open to new ideas and thinks outside of the box. This person is a non-conformist. It can represent a rebel, a hippie, or an artist that colors outside of the lines.

It also can indicate that the person is at the stage in their life where they need to do something completely different or outside of their own restrictions.

On the other hand, when the Hierophant card is reversed it can mean misleading and or bad advice, poor counsel, slander and propaganda. It’s a warning to beware of first impressions. There is a distortion of the truth here.

When the Hierophant is drawn in reverse, it indicates a bad time to sign agreements, and represents misleading advertisements.

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