10 False Twin Flame Synchronicities to Be Aware Of

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False twin flames come into your life to teach you essential life lessons and prepare you to connect with your true twin flame.

Even though they may teach you valuable lessons, you still need to realize that they are not your true twin flame.

There will be a few false synchronicities that you should pay attention to.

If you believe you’re in a relationship with your false twin flame and need to know how to be sure, you’re in the right place.

Let’s have a look at the 10 false twin flame synchronicities you should be aware of.

1. They Struggle To Commit

The first false twin flame synchronicity to be aware of is that your false twin flame will show signs of commitment issues.

This person will struggle to commit to you, whether they are vocal about this or not.

They will use excuses like being busy, not having time, or a need to be free to remain uncommitted and unattached.

It may seem difficult to identify this synchronicity because a false twin flame relationship is very similar to a true twin flame. 

You will experience all the same emotions, such as passion, intensity, and a deep spiritual connection. The only difference is that they will never fully commit. 

Though they may be able to teach you what it is like to be with your true twin flame, they will never be able to offer you that complete sense of security and trust that full commitment brings into the relationship.

When your false twin flame leaves your life, they open up a space for your true twin flame to come into your life. 

Your true twin flame should have no trouble fully committing to the relationship.

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2. They Increase Your Anxiety Levels

False twin flame connections exist to teach you what you shouldn’t seek out in a relationship. 

It’s no surprise then that you may feel anxious or insecure in a relationship with a false twin flame. You may feel as if they don’t accept every part of you, as a twin flame should. 

It is not always obvious that they are the thing that is making you so anxious. They may not even mean to make you feel like this. 

You may adore them on every level, but something about them makes you feel like you cannot fully be yourself around them. 

Maybe they’re very hot and cold in their treatment of you, or perhaps they don’t do anything specific, but their energy feels hostile or judgmental.

Whatever the reason is, you should know that your true twin flame will make you feel completely accepted, comfortable, and at home. They put you at ease after a long day.

Your true twin flame will feel like a life-long best friend, even if you’ve only just met them.

False twin flame connections will not have this initial feeling of familiarity. 

Sometimes, you may think that your false twin flame is familiar, but the longer you spend time together, the more you will realize just how little you have in common.

3. They Feel Threatened By Your Success

Your fake twin flame will be jealous of your success and will compete with you.

They will appear to be sympathetic and pleased for you, but you will sense a resentful undertone in their energies. 

It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed; rather, the contrary. It’s just that your success is a danger to them. 

Because your false twin flame hasn’t fully awakened, they are unaware that we live in a bountiful universe with plenty to go around. 

This means that they see your success and feel threatened because they have not achieved the same as you have.

You may begin to feel sad and unmotivated because they are never proud of you or encourage you. 

They’ll be worried about your achievement and behave as though it’s harming your relationship.

They’ll find ways to put you down, and they’ll frequently make you feel guilty about your good fortune.

Your true twin flame, on the other hand, will cheer you on, celebrate your accomplishments, and admire you. 

4. You Can’t Express Your True Identity

You may feel like you can never be totally yourself around your false twin flame if you’re in a relationship with them.

A false flame will frequently point out flaws in your personality and will never be fully pleased with who you are.

This will cause a lot of internal strife as you struggle to remain true to yourself while still satisfying others.

Perhaps there are aspects of yourself that you keep hidden from them for fear of being judged or mocked.

Your relationship will effectively be in limbo as a result of this.

It never progresses, but every time you bring it up, they’ll come up with a variety of reasons and promises to keep you around for a little longer.

In contrast, you’ll feel so safe with your genuine twin flame that you’ll be able to show them your true self without fear of losing their unconditional affection.

A real twin flame will embrace and adore you for who you are. There will be no need to behave or fake in any other manner to impress them.

5. They Do Not Look Out For You

False twin flames offer too much and give too little. They have a knack for saying exactly what you want to hear.

They make grand promises to you but never seem to follow through or deliver on them.

This puts you in a state of limbo and makes you unsure about your relationship’s future. 

Because you won’t get any comfort from your phony twin flame, you’ll never know exactly what’s going to happen in the relationship.

They offer you just enough to keep you interested, but never enough to satisfy you.

This can cause a lot of frustration and ambiguity since you’ll want to believe them, but their actions will contradict their statements.

This inconsistency will be a dead giveaway that they aren’t your real twin flame.

You will never play guessing games with a real twin flame. Things will feel smooth and simple, and you’ll always know where you are with them.

True twin flames are unafraid to be open and honest with each other.

6. They Make You Doubt The Relationship

Because you don’t envision a clear future with your false twin flame, you have a relationship with him/her that simply creates doubt. 

In a true twin flame relationship, the same thing happens.

Your false twin flame, on the other hand, has no interest in the connection being stable. 

Your connection with your false twin flame is so unstable that it causes a spiritual awakening that causes you to reconsider your whole existence.

Because they don’t accompany you in your spiritual growth journey, you must walk this path alone.

As you go to higher levels of consciousness, you may feel as if you are progressively drifting apart, leaving your companion where they were when you first met them.

With a real twin flame, you may suffer some uneasiness, but you know that everything will eventually settle down.

Remember that in a true twin flame union, both experience an awakening of consciousness. You will embark on this spiritual growth journey as a conscious couple.

7. They Bring Up Past Trauma

You’ll probably spend a lot of time with your false twin flame working on triggers they bring up from your past, especially from your childhood.

Just as in a true twin flame relationship, you and your false twin flame will have previous wounds.

The issue is that your false twin flame refuses to help you overcome previous traumas that are affecting your current relationship. 

They have no desire to have a brighter future with you.

This is difficult to accept but it’s best for you to find this out before it takes more of a negative toll on your own emotional wellbeing.

You could even discover that you’re coping with difficulties you thought you’d handled. 

The separation from your false twin flame will encourage you to get rid of any residual negativity that is keeping you from being with your genuine twin.

When you connect with your true twin flame, the focus of your true twin flame relationship will be on the future and what you can accomplish together as well as separately.

8. Their Love For You Is Conditional

Love is conditional if the amount or quality of love you receive from your spouse is contingent on your actions, behavior, or mood.

Only a false twin flame would love you on the basis of conditions.

Your false twin flame takes advantage of your emotions and uses them as an excuse to change their behavior towards you.

You hope that the love you have for them will cause them to change, but this will never happen.

Conditional love is unhealthy and damaging to your self-worth. You deserve to be accepted and loved for who you truly are, regardless of your behavior.

The foundation of a twin flame connection is mutual unconditional love.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of a disagreement or even an argument.

You will argue and disagree since it is a natural aspect of being in a partnership.

However, even during a conflict, your genuine twin flame will always respect you and never abandon you.

9. You Turn To Bad Coping Mechanisms

You and your false twin flame will experience several separations due to all the issues that arise in your relationship.

This is draining and will take a toll on your mental health and relationship.

You may turn to negative habits that don’t serve you, and your fake twin flame won’t feel the need to help you out of this cycle.

This is only going to damage your health and the relationship further.

It’s an indication you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame if your partner proclaims their love and care for you but fails to practice this in the relationship.

Your true twin flame won’t have you reaching for the cigarettes or alcohol.

Instead, you’ll want to be present and in the moment with them because they make you feel safe and secure.

When you uncover your real twin flame connection, your self-care will automatically improve.

10. You Change Your Whole Life 

A false twin will force you to examine yourself, your way of life, and your problems.

They’ll assist you in making significant personal improvements.

These are unquestionably good things.

In fact, one of the essential lessons a false twin flame will teach you is to establish these behaviors.

However, you will most likely adopt these new behaviors out of pure necessity rather than a desire to improve yourself. 

False twins have a tendency to pull our darkest shadows, anxieties, and suffering to the surface, and overcoming them frequently necessitates a lifestyle change.

You’ll notice the difference when you eventually meet your actual twin. 

A real twin flame will appear when you’re ready to grow and serve others in your life.

They’ll pique your interest in helping others and bringing strength, happiness, and empowerment to not only yourself but others as well.

You will already be the best version of yourself when you meet your twin flame, and you will only grow from there.

Final Thoughts

Not all is lost if you feel you are in a false twin flame relationship.

However, feeling anxious, worthless, accepting conditional love, and changing your whole life because of a relationship is not sustainable in the long run.

Your false twin flame exists to prepare you for the meeting of your true twin flame. 

Even if this is a difficult moment for you, remember that if someone is meant to be with you, they will find a way to make it work.

If your partner wants to be in a relationship with you, they should try to sustain a healthy relationship.

It might be harmful to force yourself to stay in a relationship that isn’t right for you and doing so may be one of the reasons why you haven’t met your true twin flame yet.

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