What Does It Mean To Dream About Receiving Money?

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Dissecting the meaning of dreams and their messages is a task tackled by various religions, cultures, psychologists, and anyone in between.

Everyone I have met has once woken up from a dream needing to know its meaning.

Since money dreams are surprisingly common, it’s natural to want the meaning.

What does it mean to dream about receiving money?

Dreaming of receiving money points to a sense of abundance, self-worth, and power. This dream can be a prediction of receiving money in your waking life. Contrastingly, this dream can be a representation of your relationship with the person handing you the money.

Overall, money in your dream does not hold a specific meaning; it is what happens to the money that contains the actual message.

While dreaming about money is fairly common, receiving money from someone and who that person is, holds meaning. 

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Receiving Money?

Money in a dream is symbolic of self-worth, self-confidence, abundance, power, and prosperity.

Dreaming about money also has literal interpretations of material gain and financial blessings.

These dreams also indicate an overall richness in pursuits of wisdom and spirituality and richness in your mind and body, that happiness and success will follow struggles and worries. 

Money dreams are not always about money; they can represent concepts like love, time, energy, and happiness.

The money may be a manifestation of the state of your life – the status of close relationships, feelings of self-worth, and being on the right path.

Generally, receiving money in a dream conveys that you feel worthy of receiving the money and what it symbolizes – success, happiness, prosperity.

It indicates an openness for financial blessings, or whatever the dream means for you, and releasing any form of resistance towards it. 

However, if you deny the money offered to you, it may indicate the opposite; you may not feel worthy of the money and what it symbolizes.

This dream may be a message for you to work on your sense of self-worth and give yourself the credit you deserve. 

The Money You Receive In Your Dream

Whether it’s a chest of coins or paper money, being handed money in your dreams indicates that prosperity or good luck is coming to you.

Receiving a lot of money can be seen as an omen of prosperity; however, it can reflect the current state of your life, feeling rich in success, friends, happiness, self-confidence. 

Money in dreams is not just about finances, but about how you are truly feeling about the current state of your life and the people around you. 

The Person Giving You Money In Your Dreams

Not only does specifically receiving money hold its own meanings and interpretations, but the person handing you the money is also an important detail.

If you are receiving money from an unexpected source, it suggests good things are coming. In a direct connection to your finances, it could mean that an inheritance is coming your way.

It also implies you will find wisdom or guidance to aid you in the next phase of your life.

Receiving money from someone close to you, such as a family member, friend, or partner, indicates that they want to see you succeed in life and are ready to support you.

Moreover, it can symbolize your relationship, suggesting this person is putting a lot of time and energy into you out of affection.

You may also be ready to receive something from this person in real life. 

What To Do With Your Dreams About Money

Scientists have found that dreams can have an impact on your waking behavior.

Studies show a link between events in dreams and later real-world situations and interactions.

Furthermore, we all know how a dream can impact our emotional state when we wake, whether it’s waking up scared and stressed from a nightmare or feeling energized after a great dream.

You don’t just have to dream about prosperity, success, and happiness. It is possible to bring these goals and messages into your real life.

Your subconscious usually knows what is best for you.

Thus, paying attention to your dreams and taking the advice they may be offering is a sure way to improve the quality of your life. 

How Money Appears In Dreams And Its Meaning

Money dreams are prevalent, materializing in several ways. Thus, the specifics of the dream and what happens with the money will further help discern the meaning. 

  • Finding Money – This translates to feeling and finding richness in your pursuits for wisdom, spirituality, love, or abstract knowledge. It also signifies positive changes on the horizon and optimism for the future.

In a more literal connection to money, it may represent seeking out and gaining income. 

  • Picking Up Money – Picking money up from the ground is a sign that you need to become more grounded in your life. You need to stay true to your values, principles, and morals and not chase money. 

Contrastingly, catching money floating in the air means that people will come to you for advice. 

  • Winning Money – Though this dream may signal upcoming gains and prosperity, it is likely to represent feeling lucky and happy with the current state of your life. Success in relationships, work, and other aspects of your life may feel like winning, hence this dream manifestation.
  • Lending Money – Lending someone money is representative of lending them your time, energy, or concern. You may be worried about a friend who’s making questionable decisions or going through a difficult time, this is your subconscious’ way of giving this person extra care and attention.
  • Giving Away Money – This is a materialization of your time, energy, and focus. You are giving too much of your time and energy to others – or specifically the person in the dream – and you may feel emotionally depleted.  
  • Borrowing Money – Borrowing money can reflects needing to borrow time or energy in your life. You may be spreading yourself thin and need to re-evaluate your priorities and what you’re dedicating your time to instead of trying to juggle everything.
  • Losing Money – This is often reflective of a loss of something, or someone, in your life. A dream like this may bring up feelings of anxiety, pointing to a lack of enthusiasm and growing depression.

Additionally, this can symbolize a lack of balance in your life, an inability to handle situations, and the feeling that things are beyond your control. It could also be a literal sign of feeling out of control of your finances.

  • Stealing Money – This shows that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get what you want. How you feel after stealing in the dream is a further indication of how you truly feel about going to extreme measures in your real life.

Furthermore, finding stolen money suggests you are dealing with a moral dilemma and need to make an important decision. 


There is a lot to decode from a dream with money; knowing the different symbolic possibilities makes it easy to decipher the message.

Receiving money is very positive and a sign you should accept the support and blessings coming your way.

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