Does Fate Bring Soulmates Together?

You’ve been single for a while now and you’re ready to find your soulmate. Seeing your friends in love makes you happy for them, but you can’t help but wonder when the universe is going to introduce you to the love of your life.

But does fate bring soulmates together? Or is it just a matter of luck, or happening to be in the right place at the right time?

Does Fate Bring Soulmates Together?

Yes, fate brings soulmates together. Although it may seem like chance, meeting your soulmate is destiny – it’s the universe working it’s magic and orchestrating your meeting.

Action is Required

Having said that, a dream without action is just a wish. If you’re dreaming of meeting your soulmate but you’re not doing anything to make that happen, you’re giving conflicting signs to the universe.

On the one hand, your thoughts are telling the universe that you want to meet your soulmate. But your lack of action is telling the universe that you’re not truly ready.

This ties into the Law of Attraction, which is commonly misunderstood. There’s a common misconception that in order to get what you want out of life (i.e. meet your soulmate) you just have to “believe it into existence.”

Things like repeating affirmations and scripting are excellent mindset and manifestation tools, but without actually taking action, they won’t “work.”

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Fate Doesn’t Force Things

In the case of unrequited love, it’s important to remember that fate doesn’t force things to happen.

You may be in love with someone and strongly believe that they are your soulmate, but if they don’t feel the same way then nothing (not even fate) is going to force them to change their mind.

Relationships take work and commitment – even between soulmates – and for a relationship to work, it takes both parties wanting to be together and willing to do what it takes for the relationship to thrive.

Expect the Unexpected

Fate can have a funny way of bringing soulmates together so remember to expect the unexpected.

You may have an idea in your head of who your soulmate will be, what they’ll look like, what type of job they’ll have, etc.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having certain expectations in a relationship (i.e. being treated with respect, having a similar sense of humor, a physical attraction, etc.)

But the universe can work in strange ways, and you may find yourself having a magnetic attraction to someone who you never would have picked as your soulmate.

Remember to keep your heart open to all possibilities and don’t pigeon-hole yourself.

A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. It’s important to recognize this and to make sure you don’t try to force someone to fit where they are not intended.

There’s a good chance you’ll have a number of relationships before you meet your soulmate. At the height of the relationship, you may feel that this person is your soulmate. But remember – the universe doesn’t force things.

If the other party doesn’t feel the same way, then you need to let them go.

If they are truly your soulmate, they’ll recognize this and come back to you. If they don’t come back, they’re not your soulmate.

Your soulmate is the person who is there for a lifetime – you can’t imagine being apart and you’re both willing to do what it takes to be together.

How I Met My Soulmate

I met my soulmate online. I had recognized that the universe was giving me signs that love was coming and so I did something out of my comfort zone – I joined this dating site after a friend met her (now) husband on it.

The man who turned out to be my soulmate (and now husband) wasn’t at all what I was expecting. He was from a different country, his career was way out of left field for me and the culture he grew up in was starkly different to mine.

But we immediately connected and it wasn’t long before I knew he was my soulmate.

My story is a perfect example of taking action and expecting the unexpected.

Final Thoughts

Yes, fate can bring soulmates together but it’s up to you to take action. Step outside of your comfort zone, don’t force things to happen and be willing to accept the possibility that your soulmate may not look like the person you expected.

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Does Fate Bring Soulmates Together?
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