The Best Crystals for Meditation

While anyone can (and should) start meditating, it can take time to “master” the practice. If you’re new to meditation, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Your mind seems to wander, you can’t stop fidgeting, you don’t know where to put your hands.

Running thoughts commonly interrupt your ability to meditate. This is not something that only happens to new meditators – I’ve been meditating for years and this still happens to me on occasion.

Crystals can be an incredible tool in your meditation arsenal and are commonly used to help you focus the mind and hold the intention for your meditation.

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Why Should You Use Crystals in Meditation

Crystals are beautiful to look at and are the perfect way to decorate your meditation space. But beyond being pretty, crystals can be a powerful tool in your meditation practice.

Crystals can act as a visual aid to clear your mind and provide comfort. Consider how a stuffed animal helps a child feel comforted when they’re sad – a crystal works in a similar way.

When you’re experiencing anxiety and have a million thoughts running through your mind, it can be difficult to stop your self from focusing on those thoughts.

When you hold a crystal in your hands while meditating, you can channel your thoughts into the crystal. In addition, the crystal can offer comfort and unique vibrational qualities.

Crystals also act as intention holders. If, for instance, the focus for your meditation is to mend a broken heart, setting the intention to release the feeling of heartbreak into the crystal can help to bring about your desired outcome. The crystal acts as a witness to the meditation, taking responsibility off you to release heartbreak by yourself. The comfort that comes from holding your chosen crystal helps you to heal.

What Are The Best Crystals to Meditate With?

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White Quartz

White quartz crystals hold a unique vibration and are widely used in a variety of healing work.

White quartz crystals are often very pure in energy and are able to find energy blockages.

By using them white quartz during meditation, you’ll find that channeling your thoughts to the white quartz will help in releasing these thoughts from your mind. Once you channel your negative or running thoughts from your mind, you are able to think more clearly and are better able to clear your mind during meditation.

White quartz are a must-have crystal, as they are also excellent in aiding in spiritual growth and can also be used to increase your clairaudience.


Selenite’s naturally calming vibration also helps in releasing negative and running thoughts from the mind.

During meditation, selenite helps to release negative thoughts and energy and to focus on the present moment.

One important feature of selenite is that it carries a protective energy that keeps other people’s energy from affecting yours. This energy can act as a barrier to keep other people’s energy out of your space.

If you have to spend time around negative people or those who negatively affect your own energy, it’s worth carrying a piece of selenite with you to absorb the negative energy.

Blue Agate

Blue agate has a soothing energy that helps to calm the mind and emotions.

Blue agate is a beautiful crystal – it’s pale blue color and smooth ripples give the impression of gentle ocean waves which evokes a sense of calm and relaxation. This is why blue agate is commonly recommended for meditation.

Affirmations to Use While Meditating With Crystals

When you’re meditating with crystals it can be helpful to repeat affirmations before your meditation session.

Here are some crystal meditation affirmations you can use:

“As I hold this crystal my mind releases negative thoughts”

“I am channeling my thoughts into this crystal and letting go of all I need to”

“This crystal helps to comfort and protect me while I meditate”

3 Must Have Crystals for Meditation

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