Best Crystals for Kids – A Comprehensive Guide to Healing Stones for Children

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If you’ve embraced crystals as a part of your life, you may be wondering what the best crystals for kids are, so your little ones can enjoy the wonder and benefits of healing crystals with you.

This article will serve as your comprehensive guide on the best crystals for kids from someone who has been using crystals with their 4-year-old since he was born (and even while I was pregnant!) Suffice to say, my son isn’t a stranger to healing crystals.

Pictured below – my 4-year-olds favorite healing crystals, as chosen (and photographed) by him:

Keep reading to learn how kids can benefit from healing crystals, safety tips, ideas on how to teach your children about crystals, top 5 best crystals for kids and recommended crystals for common childhood issues like anger, anxiety, separation anxiety and low self-esteem.

Why Should Kids Use Crystals?

One of the wonderful aspects of crystal healing is that there are no age restrictions. Still, you may be wondering: why should kids use crystals?

Here are some of the reasons:

Children Are More Receptive 

It’s a fact that children are usually more open-minded learners than adults. They have fewer preconceived notions and tend to rely heavily on what they see in front of them.

Kids are curious by nature and eager to learn, especially in early childhood. They’re less likely to have the spiritual blockages that adults do, which could hinder the positive effects of the stones.

Correct Energy Imbalances

Parents don’t need to get told twice that children are fountains of energy. We’ve all experienced the dreaded dawn wake-up call on weekends at least once.

A calming crystal could do the trick to help highly active children manage all that excess energy and inspire both mental and physical stillness. 

Process Strong or Negative Emotions

Behaviors such as disruptiveness, temper tantrums and increased emotional sensitivity can all be a consequence of stress

A child’s stressors may be different from those of an adult, but that doesn’t make them any less valid or challenging. 

Difficult interactions at school, being separated from caregivers for the first time and other routine milestones can impact your kid’s mental well-being. 

The right crystals can serve as coping mechanisms to combat these negative feelings. Your kid can draw on the subtle healing powers of specific stones throughout the day. 

Crystals Are Naturally Attractive 

Colorful, striking stones are enticing objects to children to handle and look at. Plus, kids strongly associate colors with emotions—which can assist with the learning process.

Best Crystals for Kids

When it comes to purchasing crystals for kids, I recommend purchasing tumbled stones. Tumbled stones are simply stones that have gone through a process to smooth them out.

There is no difference energetically or vibrationally between raw or tumbled stones. However, raw stones can be slightly more likely to break and because they have rough edges, can potentially cause scratches or scrapes.

Tumbled stones are ideal for kids because, due to their smoothness, they can be placed in a pocket or held comfortably in your child’s hands.

Rockcloud is an excellent source of polished pocket stones, perfectly sized for children, like the gorgeous Banded Agate pictured below.

banded agate

How Can Kids Use Crystals?

There are plenty of creative ways your little one can use these stones to improve wellness. Watch this video of a seven-year-old explaining his crystal grid:

Before we delve into how a child can use crystals, we need to discuss safety. Keep these precautions in mind:

  • Don’t leave young kids unsupervised with an individual crystal, as they might be tempted to put it in their mouths. Children between the ages of one and three years old are at the highest risk of choking.
  • Similarly, always opt for a tumbled stone that’s soft and rounded to avoid injury versus a crystal that’s jagged, especially for young children.
  • If you choose to use a teething necklace made from baltic amber for your baby, never leave them unsupervised and do not allow your baby to sleep with the necklace on.
  • If you opt for jewelry such as a pendant or bracelet, ensure it’s child-friendly (e.g., no sharp edges) and your little one is old enough to wear it safely.

Now that the safety talk is out of the way, we can get down to business. Here are our suggestions for how your child can use crystals:

  • Placing a tumbled stone in their pocket.
  • Carrying a crystal in a soft satchel or drawstring pouch to wear around their neck or kept inside a pocket or bag.
  • Putting a crystal in a small decorative box to carry around.
  • Tying crystal beads to shoelaces or as accessories on clothing, for example, on the drawstrings of sweatpants or hooded sweaters. 
  • Crafting an item using crystals together as a team, such as a dreamcatcher or a crystal grid.
  • Placing near their bedside, on a shelf, or even underneath their pillows for a peaceful sleep. 
  • As jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, or necklaces—although adornments like this are better suited to older kids.
  • Repeating affirmations relevant to the crystal they’ve chosen. For example, “I am calm and patient” or “I am not alone.”

How to Teach Your Kids About Crystals

Are you ready for your kid to get acquainted with crystals?

Step #1: Simplicity Is Key

Explain the basics of the powers of crystals to your child. A few important points to mention:

  • Crystals as protective and healing talismans.
  • How your child can draw on transformative energies through crystals.
  • Amplify positive feelings like joy and reduce negative ones such as anger.

Step #2: Let Your Child Choose

Allow your child to sift through various crystals. Don’t give them any clues—let them handle and select the stone that draws them in. 

This will be an exciting process for your child, so don’t rush it. Give them a chance to truly experience the vibes and enjoy the pretty colors and interesting shapes.

Step #3: Elaborate on Individual Powers 

Once your child has picked a crystal, you can start going into details about what properties it possesses. Encourage questions—you might learn some new things too.

Then, you can discuss the facets of other crystals and see if your child resonates with different types.

You know their unique personality best—if anger is a recurrent issue, gently suggest a calming crystal. Recommend a crystal for separation anxiety (options listed further down) if your child has a tough time being apart from you. 

Step #4: Emphasize Safety

It’s always wise to have the “don’t put this in your mouth” talk.

Step #5: Decide on Use

Will your six-year-old wear a pendant or does she prefer a tumbled stone she can reach for when anxious at school? Does your 4-year-old have a favorite stone he’d love to see on his shoelaces?

Based on your child’s age and preferences, determine how they’re going to use the crystals. You can cover meditation, or suggest holding their stone of choice and manifesting the intention to draw from the healing energies. 

Top 5 Best Crystals for Kids 

Now that you know why crystals can benefit children and how to introduce them, here are the top 5 best crystals for kids.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a violet, semi-precious gem that’s the birthstone for February. This crystal emits tranquil energies, helping to relieve stress, soothe irritability and dispel toxic emotions.

This crystal is also useful for opening spiritual awareness and enhancing existing psychic abilities. 

2. Aventurine

Aventurine is usually a startling green, although it can also come in shades of yellow, silver and reddish-brown.

The advantages of this prosperous crystal include boosted self-confidence, improved leadership qualities and greater compassion.

3. Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is a versatile mineral that exists in many color forms with varying healing abilities. In the clear hue, it’s one of the most therapeutic crystals in existence.

For one, it can strengthen the properties of other crystals. It’s also excellent at dissipating negative, harmful energies and emotions. 

4. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pale pink color and is a crystal that exudes love, something people of all ages could do with more of. 

The healing properties manifest as promoting happy vibes all around. It encourages self-love, harmonious friendships and comfort in circumstances of grief or loss. 

5. Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a distinctively-patterned gem that somewhat resembles a cat’s eye. This crystal can be used for protection and to enhance mental clarity. 

It can also bring good luck to whoever keeps the gem on their person, which is something that will no doubt intrigue your child. Tiger Eye can also help combat anxiety and fear. 

Best Crystals for an Angry Child

If your child is frequently in a bad mood or lashing out at others, they need tranquil crystals to help with managing an angry, stressed state of mind. 

Rose Quartz could be a wise choice to foster positive emotions and relationships. Amethyst is useful for tranquility and calmness.

Howlite crystals are another option you can try. The white stones are known to help with rage and stress and improve emotional expression. 

Best Crystals for a Child’s Room

Your child’s bedroom should be an environment in which they feel safe and nurtured. Placing crystals strategically throughout the room can work to accomplish that.

Four of our top five crystals for kids make the list here: calming Amethyst, loving Rose Quartz and protective Tiger Eye. A chunk of Clear Quartz will amplify the healing properties of all the crystals you decide to use.

If your little one is prone to unpleasant nightmares, Aquamarine can quiet an overactive mind. Hematite is also suitable for a child’s room, as it can help them to feel secure. 

Best Crystals for a Child With Anxiety

Crystal Selection

It’s almost as difficult to witness your child cope with anxiety as it is for them to suffer from it. Fortunately, there are stones suited to relieving apprehension and worry.

The best crystals for a child with anxiety are those with calming and protective qualities. Amethyst is one you can try, as well as Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye.

Confidence-boosting Aventurine can help with a lack of self-assurance, which in turn can exacerbate anxiety. 

Finally, Sodalite is a crystal that’s useful for easing phobias, anxiety and even panic attacks. 

Crystals for Separation Anxiety

If your kid has a case of separation anxiety, you’re not alone—it’s a common issue among young children. Crystals can help your child through this developmental phase and possibly prevent it from becoming a serious problem. 

The best crystal for separation anxiety is clear quartz thanks to its calming properties. Clear quartz helps to combat negative thoughts and feelings and brings the body and mind into balance. In addition to it’s own therapeutic properties, clear quartz also enhances the healing effects of other crystals.

Other crystals that help with separation anxiety include amethyst, sodalite and howlite – all have anxiety-reducing properties and are recommended for use with clear quartz.

Crystals for Teething Babies

rose quartz

Crystals can offer comfort to your baby—and you—as they struggle through the teething phase. 

The best crystals for teething babies are:

  • Baltic Amber
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz

Baltic amber is one of the best crystals for teething babies, thanks to it’s healing and anti-inflammatory properties which ease the pain associated with cutting teeth.

Clear Quartz, soothing and healing on it’s own, also amplifies the healing properties of other crystals so it’s a good choice in addition to baltic amber.

Rose Quartz, the love stone, can intensify positive vibes overall, which is practical if your little one isn’t feeling well.

One of the best and safest ways to provide your baby with the benefits of amber when they’re teething is with an amber teething toy like the Little Bamber pictured below.

In addition, you can place crystals throughout your baby’s room or near their crib, but ensure they are well out of reach.

Amber teething necklaces are also a popular choice, however it’s important to note that you should never allow your child to sleep with an amber necklace on, and they should always be supervised while wearing one.

Best Crystals for Self Esteem

You know how incredible, special and unique your child is, but children with low-self esteem don’t see themselves that way. Perhaps they’ve been bullied or they’re constantly comparing themselves to others – whatever the reason, there are a number of crystals for self-esteem that can help.

One of the best crystals for self-esteem is Aventurine, which can enhance feelings of self-worth, leadership qualities and confidence.

If you suspect bullying might be the culprit, Heliotrope (Bloodstone) or Tiger Eye can offer protection and increase courage. 

Best Crystals for Emotional Children

An emotional child requires crystals that promote balance and inner peace. Tranquil Amethyst can work to regulate emotions. 

Agate can stabilize auras and cleanse away negative energies. Calcite in all its colors (black, orange, pink and blue) works to address issues ranging from depression to fear.

You may also find your child benefits from crystals that encourage positivity, such as Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.

In Summary

Hopefully this guide to crystals for kids will help you introduce the fascinating world of healing stones to your child. 

Remember that your little one is open-minded and spiritual by default of youth. Children are the ideal candidates to reap the benefits of carrying a sliver of Amethyst with them or wearing a Tiger Eye bracelet

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