Clairsentience: What Does It Mean and Could You Be Clairsentient?

Have you ever had a nagging thought or gut feeling that turned out to be spot-on? If you’re saying, “that’s me,” you could possess the extrasensory perception of clairsentience.

Many people possess the gift of clairsentience yet disregard their extrasensory experiences as just peculiar coincidences.

This guide will help you recognize if you are clairsentient and teach you how to enhance your sensitivity.

What Is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is a type of ESP and one that’s often brushed off as “gut feelings.” 

This first term, “clair,” derives from 17th-century Latin-French origin, meaning “clear” and can be defined as “clear-feeling” or “inner-feeling.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines clairsentience as the “perception of what is not usually perceptible.” Clairsentience allows you to have a particular sensitivity to the world around you, more so than the average person. 

Clairsentients can detect psychic vibrations or wavelengths from their environment or the people around them. These can be spiritual energies or feelings, insights, or even the sensing of future events. If you’re clairsentient, you’ll be able to detect subtle shifts in ambiance or mood changes in a room, for example.

People with this gift may also be able to dissect the emotions of others and detect hidden feelings. They can use these powers to offer psychic readings and more.


Clairsentience Powers

These special abilities can often be confused with claircognizance, the psychic ability of “clear-knowing,” though clairsentience is different. There are some specific signs that you might be a clairsentient.

Clairsentience Signs

  • Emotional and environmental sensitivity
  • Gut feelings
  • Physical experiences
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Sensitivity to Emotions and Environments

Clairsentients have the uncanny ability to tune in with the world and those around them at a heightened level.

Emotional Sensitivity

Clairsentients usually have a higher sense of empathy. If you’re clairsentient, it often means that you experience emotions far more intensely than others.

Small situations or other individuals can trigger this and cause sudden mood changes. These feelings may come and go in waves and be quite dramatic.

Not only do clairsentients experience this sensitivity in relation to themselves but also to others. You’ll be able to detect people’s thoughts and emotions while being acutely tuned to the energy wavelengths that individuals give off. This can happen through proximity alone, with little to no conversation involved in the process.

Clairsentients absorb energy from those around them and if they aren’t careful, this can consume their own emotional landscapes, leaving them depleted and irritable. For this reason, it’s often difficult for those with clairsentience to watch upsetting movies or violent news stories, among other things.

Environmental Sensitivity

woman outdoors

Because of heightened sensitivity, clairsentients may have a challenging time when faced with a large crowd of people or if they’re in a stressful environment. This could be a party, festival or a hospital waiting room, among other places.

These sensitivities can even occur with the weather. A slight temperature change could create unease in a clairsentient empath.

Clairsentients often prefer to be in quieter, calmer environments. This allows them to be more mindful and self-aware, where they’re able to better deal with everything that comes flooding at them.

Does any of this ring a bell? Pay attention to your level of sensitivity because it might indicate you have the gift of clairsentience.

Gut Feelings

Do you often have a lingering inner feeling or strong gut instinct about things? Do you usually just feel that something is apparent or actual? Clairsentient empaths often experience these sorts of moments.

These intuitive judgments can help those in situations where standard problem-solving doesn’t work. This could include detectives, doctors or even artists who sense their creative options. 

Clairsentients often experience the feeling of knowing a person or their motives after just one meeting. This strong sense of intuition can help them decipher the good from the bad.

If this is you, you may be able to see a person’s true feelings instinctively. It can, without a doubt, affect your relationships and friendships. This is often for the better, though, as it can protect you from pain and harm.

For more on “trusting your gut,” watch this video:

Physical Experiences

Clairsentients can pick up energies of the unliving. You may have a nagging feeling of a strange presence. Perhaps you often feel weird physical sensations, or an aura of foreign spiritual energy.

The presence of higher beings, such as angels or spirits, is with you, likely creating a more positive, surrounding environment. Trained clairsentient empaths can attempt to communicate with these beings.

Clairsentience Development and Clairsentience Techniques

Maybe you already possess the skill of clairsentience. Or, perhaps, you’re aiming to foster this gift? There are techniques and methods to help you, regardless of which category you’re in.

The following techniques can aid you in your journey:

  • Recognition
  • Psychometry exercise
  • Yoga practice
  • Clairsentient crystals
  • Reiki healing
  • Cleansing your environment
  • Keep a journal

Take Your Psychic Abilities to the Next Level

The following ideas can help you develop your clairsentience, but if you really want to take your abilities to the next level, I recommend you enroll in the FREE Clairvoyant Meditation Open House offered by The Psychic School.

In the Free Open House, you’ll learn:

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  • Meditation tools to unlock your abilities
  • Awareness of the spirit and the higher-self
  • How to bring your spirit into your body
  • Techniques for grounding and mental clarity
  • How to focus awareness in the third eye
  • Practical use of your abilities in everyday life


woman thinking outside

After reading these key clairsentient indicators, you may be wondering if you are one? The good news is that this is the first step in your extrasensory journey. It’s vital to welcome the gift with open arms and accept it into your identity. 

Psychological studies have shown that positive self-reinforcement can significantly improve one’s enthusiasm and motivation for particular subjects. Recognizing, congratulating yourself and then comprehending your clairsentient abilities will push you to develop the skills.

You may just find that being proud of your clairsentience will give your mind the authority to access more of this extrasensory perception.

Psychometry Exercise

Clairsentience is often mistaken for something called “psychometry.” This derives from the Greek word “psykhe,” or psyche, meaning “soul.” It’s seen as the generator of one’s thoughts and emotions.

Psychometry is the practice by which one can learn about an object by touching it or feeling the energies within and around it.

Imagine a wedding ring, for example. This small, yet significant, item may hold a lot of energy on its own. You could practice psychometry by holding it or placing your hands in the proximity of the ring.

You would then ask yourself what you feel? Some may report a tingling sensation, for example, which would constitute energy in this scenario.

For a quick guided exercise in psychometry, watch this video:

Yoga Practice

Many clairsentients are unaware of their abilities. They’ll dismiss the subtle sensory indicators of extrasensory perception as merely white noise. If you believe you may have succumbed to this, other awareness techniques may help you.

One way to do this is through a regular yoga practice. This ancient exercise makes use of the idea of “prana” or “chi,” which is the life force within all of us.

woman doing yoga

When practicing yoga and other mindfulness techniques, your awareness increases and this force begins to flow more successfully throughout your body.

Yoga also helps us to open our inner chakras or subtle energy channels. These “psychic centers” are of ancient Hindu origin and are said to affect our mental state. 

This connection to the deeper self can also come through meditation and relaxation. Essential oils for the chakras can also be effective. Apply lavender oil to your heart chakra during these practices, which is known for its healing properties.

Find a calm space and bring awareness to your body, inch by inch. By appreciating and being conscience of each part, you’ll become more in touch with a higher guidance.

For a short yoga practice, check out this video:

Clairsentience Crystals 

Certain types of crystals can aid in developing your clairsentient abilities, through their specific vibrations. This may help you get in touch with your intuition and chakras, similar to a yoga practice.

Many believe that our bodies have a natural, raw connection to these rocks. A few important ones to watch out for include dumortierite.

Dumortierite is popular among clairsentient empaths. This crystal is an aluminum boro-silicate mineral and its coloring is transparent with areas of blue.

It may help release tension from the body, while enhancing psychic ability and increasing one’s mental clarity. Dumortierite can have a purifying effect on the mind, which in turn will allow you to be more susceptible to “inner-feeling.”


Crystal Grids

Crystal grids can be a great way to help you access your clairsentient abilities. The combination of the stones offers more power than just one alone.

You can purchase a crystal grid online or learn how to grid your home with crystals.

Check out this video on crystal grids and generators:

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can be another way to cleanse your energy, helping open you up to extrasensory perception. This ancient healing technique finds its origin in 19th century Japan and has been used to increase the clarity and positivity in one’s life.

Take a look at Reiki here:

Cleanse Your Environment

Our environment can have a radical effect on our wellbeing. Our homes quickly become a dumping ground for negative energy and emotional storms. A fog of despair can arise in the place we spend most of our time. 

Clairsentient empaths tend to be compassionate beings, both concerning their environment and physical selves. If you’re one of these individuals, you’ll likely be more affected by this than the typical person.

Small details, such as room temperature and clutter can block your ability to access your inner feelings.

Diffuse this through a cleansing of your environment. Rid it of unnecessary objects lying around. Seek to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere that’ll center you and help keep your stress levels low.

burning sage for clairsentience

Sage is particularly renowned for its ability to help with this. Scientific research suggests it can combat free radicals and bacteria in the air. It also has spiritual benefits. People have found their homes regenerated and free from bad energy when using it. You can buy sage here.

Check out this helpful video on how to sage your home:

Keep a Journal 

Having the gift of clairsentience can sometimes feel like a curse, not a blessing. Clairsentient empaths deal with plenty of thoughts and feelings, as their senses are always racing away. You rarely get a chance to rest.

journal flowers glasses

Keeping a journal can help you keep track of these extrasensory experiences. It’ll allow you to pour it all out on paper, instead of bottling it up inside. You can then stand back and reflect on them with a better point of view.

It goes beyond just the psychic world, too. Research shows that journaling frequently can even strengthen your immunity. It can also be an effective technique to improve on:

  • Managing stress
  • Communicating with others
  • Getting in touch with yourself
  • Problem-solving
  • Mental and emotional clarity

Here are some tips on how to go about journaling:

  • Write in the morning when you wake up
  • Record clairsentient experiences
  • Record dreams
  • Note down your physical experiences with higher powers
  • Keep a special notebook solely for this exercise, like this empath journal

Are You Clairsentient?

Clairsentience is one of the most extraordinary abilities in the metaphysical world. It’ll allow you to detect energies and feelings that others can only imagine. Not only could this be a wonderful gift to yourself, but you could use it to benefit others, as well.

If you believe you have the ability of clairsentience, it’s vital that you fully accept it into your being and identity. Recognize its uniqueness and embrace it. It might be your sensitivity to loved ones or your regular gut feelings that lead you to believe you might possess it.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to develop your clairsentience. You could consider taking up a daily yoga practice or participating in psychometry techniques. Maybe you prefer learning about crystals or reiki.

Don’t forget to start a journal, so that you can keep tabs on your experiences along the way.

Lastly, engage with your inner self and release the tension that human beings often hold. Your senses will become more open and you could experience more clairsentient moments as a result.

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