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Can You Listen to Music While Meditating?

Last Updated on October 23, 2020 by Ash

Can you listen to music while meditating? If you’re new to meditating or want to deepen your practice, you’ve probably wondered if listening to music while meditating is ok or not. Will music make it more difficult to focus? Or does it help you relax?

Let’s dive further into the topic of music and meditation by discussing:

  • Can You Listen to Music While Meditating?
  • What Music to Listen to While Meditating
  • Meditation With Music Benefits

Can You Listen to Music While Meditating?

Yes, you can listen to music while meditating. Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress and calm your mind, and listening to music can increase those benefits. However, it’s important that you’re mindful when choosing the type of music to listen to while meditating.

What Music to Listen to While Meditating

The type of music you choose to listen to while meditating is a personal decision.

Some people love the peace and relaxation that comes from listening to the sounds of nature. Others enjoy meditating to the sounds of Indian instruments and chants, as India is the birthplace of meditation. Some people are classical music fans and love listening to the sounds of Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin.

If you’re unsure, then I suggest spending some time meditating to the two soundtracks below – nature sounds meditation music and Indian meditation music.

Take notice of how you feel during each one – does one help you feel more relaxed than the other? Do you find one distracting?

Also, remember that your mood and current state of mind will affect whether or not you feel like listening to music while meditating, and what type of music best serves you.

Listen to your body and mind and don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right. Don’t want to listen to music this time? Then enjoy a silent meditation.

Nature Sounds Meditation Music

Indian Meditation Music

Meditation With Music Benefits

There are many benefits to meditating with music, including:

Improves Brain Function

Beyond being relaxing and calming, science has shown that listening to music helps to improve brain function.

A 2011 study in Finland showed that listening to music activates emotional, motor and creative areas of the brain.

Johns Hopkins Medicine found that music reduces anxiety, blood pressure and pain, along with improving sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory and providing a total brain workout.

Reduces Stress

Meditation is proven stress management tool, and so is listening to calming, soothing music. Combining the two can have a powerful effect on your mind and body – reducing stress, lowering the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

Absorbs Your Attention

If you find that your mind races during meditation and it’s difficult to find that calm place, then music can help. Have you ever found yourself lost in a great song? That’s the power of music – it absorbs your attention and allows you to focus on something other than the thoughts racing through your mind.

Drowns Out Distracting Noises

Dogs barking, neighbors mowing the lawn, someone listening to the TV downstairs… Depending on your living arrangements, it can be difficult to avoid distracting noises during your meditation sessions.

Music can be an effective way to drown out those distracting background noises and allow you to focus more clearly.


The answer to “Can You Listen to Music While Meditating?” is yes, you can. Listening to music while meditating is a excellent way to deepen your meditation practice and enhance the many benefits of meditation.

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