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Hi, I’m Ash and I’m the founder of the High Vibes Haven. I’m love nature, numerology, writing, manifesting, meditation, yoga and all things spiritual.

I’ve been on a spiritual journey since I was a young girl.

I’ve always loved to read and so has my mom, so when I was growing up we would take weekly trips to the library. I remember balancing huge piles of books in my arms on topics like numerology, spirituality, crystals, unsolved mysteries – basically anything and everything spiritual.

I’m a life-long learner and love sharing my knowledge with others, which is why I started this site.

I’m also a big proponent of self-care and personal development, so you’ll find lots of articles on those topics here, too.

High Vibes Haven is my knowledge center and my goal is to help you learn how to master your mindset, connect with your spiritual self, manifest your desires and co-create with the universe.

Where to Start

If you’re new to High Vibes Haven, I recommend you check out the start here page where you can learn more information about High Vibes Haven, the most popular articles and recommended tools and tips.

How This Site Makes Money

I believe strongly in putting the interests of my readers before the interest of any third party, and this “readers first” philosophy extends to how I monetize this website.

High Vibes Haven makes money through agreements with carefully chosen partners who share my vision for helping readers learn how to master their mindset, connect with their spiritual selves, manifest their desires and co-create with the universe.

I do careful research to ensure that the products and services I recommend align with my values and will genuinely help you on your journey. If you decide to sign up for a product or make a purchase through a link you find on High Vibes Haven, I might earn a commission.

My Editorial Standards

My editorial standards are simple – I only write and publish content that adds as much value to my readers as I possibly can. Everything I publish is steeped in research, my own education and experiences and is written in plain English, so that everyone can benefit and follow along.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important and taken seriously at High Vibes Haven. Your data or personal information will never be sold to anyone.

You can find out more in the privacy policy.


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