About Ash

Hi there, I’m Ash!

I’m a Numerologist, Certified Law of Attraction coach, and the founder of High Vibes Haven.

ash li

It’s so nice to have you here! I have long been fascinated by the spiritual realm. As a child, I remember checking countless books out of the library on topics ranging from numerology and angels to the paranormal and astrology.

As an adult, my interest never waned, but my focus shifted specifically to numerology, angel numbers, the zodiac, and guardian angels after witnessing first-hand the positive effects of each of these on my life.

Your guardian angels, numerology, and astrology have the power to guide you through life and even transform your life if you know how to properly apply their principles.

That’s why I started High Vibes Haven – because I’m passionate about helping others understand the meaning of angel numbers and how to improve everything from your relationships to your career using numerology and astrology.

My articles have helped hundreds of thousands of people and my hope is that they help you too.



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