The Best 5 Minute Morning Meditation for a Happy, Positive Mind

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You know the many benefits of regular meditation, and you really want to start. But you’re struggling to carve out some spare time to begin your practice.

Perhaps you’ve tried multiple times to set aside an hour to meditate but work, appointments, kids’ extracurricular activities, and honestly, life in general, just always seems to get in the way.

It’s basically impossible to find a free hour to sit down and meditate. And a morning meditation just isn’t happening.

Your alarm already wakes you up early enough as it is, and if you get the chance, you’re definitely gonna hit that snooze button rather than getting up an hour earlier than you need to.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, while extended meditation definitely has its benefits, you can also calm your mind and experience the many benefits of meditation from even a short 5 minute morning meditation.

The Best 5 Minute Morning Meditation to Start Your Day Off Right

Try these tips for calming your mind in the morning even on your busiest days.

Focus on Your Breath

Pay attention to your breath as it enters and leaves your nostrils. Follow its path up and down your body. Notice how your abdomen and chest rise and fall when you inhale and exhale deeply.

Scan Your Body

Search for areas of tension. Massage your stiff shoulders or hands as you imagine your breath warming and healing them.

Observe Your Thoughts

Check out what’s on your mind without making judgments. Let your mind slow down.

Embrace Your Feelings

Don’t make the mistake of only meditating when you’re feeling stressed. You can (and should) meditate whether you’re feeling content or dealing with major stress. If you’re feeling negative emotions, remember that your emotions are temporary and you decide how to respond to any situation.

Focus on an Object

Lock your eyes on a chosen object. Pick a candle with a flickering flame or a tree bough swaying in the breeze.

Chant Out Loud

Fill your mind with a spiritual mantra or an affirmation. Repeat it 5 times.

Use Mala Beads

Many belief systems encourage the use of beads to count prayers and to avoid falling asleep during meditation. In the Buddhist faith, they use “mala beads” which is a traditional Buddhist rosary made of 108 beads.

Try wearing a mala or holding mala beads in your hand as a trigger to bring your mind back to a beautiful and wholesome state.

There are countless mala beads available, including this beautiful zen gemstone necklace and this more traditional mala bead necklace.

The following video is my favorite 5 minute morning meditation. If you’d prefer to follow along with a guided meditation, then I recommend checking out the video below.

Other Times to Fit in a Short Meditation

While it’s always a good idea to start off your morning with a 5-minute meditation (or longer if you have the chance) there are also many other opportunities to practice meditation and center yourself.

Here are a few ideas:

Your Commute

Look forward to red lights. Use traffic signals and stop signs as a reminder to breathe.

While Working Out

Connect with your mind as you work out your body. Meditate for a few minutes on the treadmill or at the swimming pool.

Connect With Your Partner

Make a date with your spouse. Mediate together for a few minutes each morning or before bed.

Bond With Your Kids

Mindfulness exercises can be especially beneficial for children. Make your sessions fun by keeping them short and simple. Throw in some yoga poses, singing, and visualizations that will appeal to your child’s imagination.

While You’re Waiting in Line

Your daily life is probably full of long lines. Next time you’re queuing up the checkout or rushing to mail a last-minute present at the post office, remember that meditation will help you pass the time without losing your spot.

Skip Commercials

Do you enjoy watching 2 minutes of advertising during every commercial break? Hit the mute button, and enjoy the silence that surrounds you.

Consume Consciously

Do you automatically reach for a donut or a margarita after a rough day? On perhaps you try to destress with a little retail therapy? Meditation could be a healthier and less expensive response to stress.

Let go of stress and boost your concentration with a quick meditation session – just a few minutes a day can be beneficial.

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